2022 CAP Today Billing/RCM Roundup

CAP Reprint 2022 Billing Guide

2022 CAP Today Billing/RCM Roundup

Billing is tough and getting tougher. In this CAP Today April 2022 roundup (reprinted with permission by CAP Today), industry leaders weigh in on diagnostic billing practices, problems, and solutions. Also included is the 2022 Billing/Accounts Receivable/RCM Systems Product Guide, where you’ll learn about several RCM solutions, including industry-leading XIFIN RPM.

Topics covered, include:

  • Perspectives from industry leaders on No Surprises Act, pharmacies as medical service providers, testing post-pandemic, advances in artificial intelligence, and other hot topics of the day
  • Solutions to prior authorization delays
  • Distinguishing product features
  • Portals provided on billing/AR/RCM systems
  • Cost of install for customer-managed billing/AR/RCM server/software
  • And much more

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