A CEO's Guide to Increasing Laboratory Valuation

A CEO's Guide to Laboratory Valuation

Effective Revenue Cycle & Compliance Management are Critical Success Factors

The laboratory industry has been in a state of consolidation for the past 20 years leaving far fewer independent labs than just a decade ago. Frequent regulatory and compliance rules changes d tightening margins increases the pressure on potentially acquirable labs to find immediate ways to increase top line revenue and valuation operating margin. On the other side of a transaction, the acquiring lab needs to rapidly realize synergies and quickly grow the top line of the acquisition.

Despite its complex and elusive nature, maximizing laboratory reimbursement has always been the untapped reserve that leads to increased valuation. In order to successfully navigate the financial and regulatory pitfalls of the current landscape, laboratories of all sizes must turn to revenue cycle management (RCM) as the fastest route to that goal. This white paper provides a detailed analysis of how laboratories can maximize reimbursement to increase revenue and valuation operating margin.

This white paper specifically addresses:

  • Revenue Cycle Management in the lab
  • The elements driving lab valuation
  • RCM challenges in the lab
  • Positively impacting lab valuation metrics through RCM
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