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Effective BI Solutions to Meet Data Complexity
XIFIN RPM in the Lab

Labs face a number of issues, including decreasing reimbursement, increased competition for outreach work, and increased client demand for direct EMR interfaces. In response to the issues, laboratories are looking to drive out inefficiencies?especially in manual workflows?and reduce costs, and to improve their service offerings. Legacy software systems are inefficient and fail to support current revenue models.

Diagnostic service providers need to effectively make business decisions, and improve clinical outcomes, to measure results, and compare them to the internal goals, and industry benchmarks. XIFIN Business Intelligence (BI) helps meet the data complexity, regulatory demands, and dynamic reimbursement inherent in providing diagnostic services.

Giving clients the information, they need, when, and where they need it, cloud-based XIFIN BI delivers the best financial and clinical decisions. XIFIN business intelligence is both GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.

XIFIN Business Intelligence is extensively used to meet the demands of healthcare diagnostic providers, offering access to the information you need, when you need it to make the best clinical and financial decisions.

Important components of XIFIN BI include:

  • Gain full visibility into operational performance, track KPIs and strategic scorecards, to know how your organization is performing
  • Eliminate data synchronization issues
  • Enable users to access specific data quickly and easily
  • Real-time view of selected metrics on a dashboard
  • Manage data lifecycle to keep information refreshed

From emphasis on secure standards-based interoperability and connectivity, to a dedication to performance measurement, analysis, and optimization, XIFIN Business Intelligence delivers the best patient outcomes. To know more, contact us.