Hospital Billing

Minimize your Administrative and Medical Billing Workload

XIFIN RPM in the Lab

Labs face a number of issues, including decreasing reimbursement, increased competition for outreach work, and increased client demand for direct EMR interfaces. In response to the issues, laboratories are looking to drive out inefficiencies?especially in manual workflows?and reduce costs, and to improve their service offerings. Legacy software systems are inefficient and fail to support current revenue models.

If you are in healthcare services, your goal is to provide quality healthcare to your patients. Sometimes it's difficult to see beyond the paperwork when it comes to hospital billing. To be able to create an accession, your billing processes have to be as streamlined as possible. Whether it is regulatory changes, reimbursements, laboratory bills, or radiology billing, XIFIN recognizes the unique needs of hospital billing with proven solutions that are more cost-effective, and efficient.

XIFIN Revenue Performance Management (RPM) is a comprehensive, highly automated solution that maximizes efficiency, improves cash collection, and increases financial accuracy. XIFIN RPM will optimize your billing data, processes, systems integration, and connectivity to keep costs low and productivity high, improving your financial and clinical outcomes.

The XIFIN RPM Advantage

  • Reduces the administrative burden of your billing staff
  • Improves productivity and eliminates billing IT infrastructure costs
  • Gain measurable bottom line improvement in operational and financial performance
  • Monitor and identify non-compliant activities
  • Increases financial accuracy as per GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley guidelines

Partner with XIFIN to automate the hospital billing system, to better manage claim submission, and reduce regulatory compliance liability risks. Take control of your hospital billing operations and optimize your financial performance with XIFIN.