PAMA Healthcare

Minimize The PAMA Healthcare Impact With XIFIN

There has been growing concern about the implications of the new Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA). The final PAMA rule was released June 2016 and will require laboratories and physician offices to begin reporting information on the payments they receive from private payers starting January 1, 2017. XIFIN is here to help minimize the PAMA healthcare impact on your bottom line while empowering you in the evolving healthcare industry. 

XIFIN's Revenue Performance Management (RPM) empowers laboratories to comply with the new rules and succeed in the new reimbursement environment. We help laboratories improve their billing and collection practices, automate their billing workflow, reduce regulatory compliance risk, and manage medical claim filing. Designed for the high-speed, low-margin laboratory environment, cloud-based XIFIN RPM:

  • Provides real-time visibility into operational and financial performance
  • Manages and automates medical claims filing to ensure upfront, clean claim submissions 
  • Positions yourself for the future
  • Reduces the risks associated with regulatory compliance

XIFIN RPM is designed to help laboratories and diagnostic service providers succeed in the new paradigm by maximizing operational efficiencies, reimbursements, and revenue opportunities to satisfy regulatory requirements. Read our data sheet today to learn more about optimized billing for maximized revenue.