Digital Pathology Consultation

Simplifying the Pathology Consultation Process with ProNet

Pathology's most comprehensive online information and digital consultation forum, XIFIN ProNet delivers powerful private and public physician collaboration capabilities. In today's interconnected world, the need for online consultation tools has never been greater. With patient-centric care models moving to the forefront, healthcare professionals find they need to coordinate and share information across multiple disciplines, securely and efficiently. Pathologists seek secondary consults, but desire a faster, more responsive mechanism than sending glass from place to place.

XIFIN ProNet helps break down communication silos so diagnostic service providers can consult and collaborate with colleagues inside and outside of their networks, across campus and around the world, in real time.

XIFIN ProNet delivers secure, powerful consulting and collaboration capabilities for sharing and discussing diagnostic images and test results, including universal digital pathology slide tools. Digital slide scanner- and viewer-independent, the Network does not depend on proprietary digital slide accessibility or closed network integration. Instead, it offers a breakthrough Internet exchange that is a turnkey online tool that instantly provides pathologists crucial capabilities.

Get paid for your opinion and expertise

Discuss patient cases, care treatments, learn, and educate

Curbside with colleagues from any location at any time

Eliminate the need to travel by connecting pathologists electronically

Collaborate on a case instantaneously, with no time delays due to glass slide shipment

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