XIFIN LIS Anywhere for Genomics

Accessioning, billing integration, and workflow automation are all vital components of an effective PGx/NGS laboratory LIS. XIFIN LIS Anywhere for Genomics not only meets these needs, it exceeds them.

XIFIN LIS Anywhere for Genomics

The frequency and cost of adverse drug events (ADEs), coupled with a shift towards a value-based healthcare model is forcing a rapid change in the healthcare landscape. As a result, pharmacogenomics (PGx) and next-generation sequencing (NGS) are seeing increased utility and application in the clinical environment.

To take advantage of this growth opportunity, PGx and NGS focused laboratories must be equipped to solve the data and workflow management, reporting, compliance, and testing modality reimbursement policy issues that are being created.

Whether your facility is an early-stage lab, an established lab experiencing growth, or a mature lab looking to gain efficiencies and develop new revenue streams, XIFIN LIS Anywhere is the perfect solution.

Data and Workflow Management

In as little as forty-five days, XIFIN LIS Anywhere can be integrated and configured to connect all laboratory operational components allowing for a global, real-time view of lab activities and the automation of critical workflow steps including:

  • Accessioning
  • Test ordering
  • Transcription
  • "Cradle-to-grave" barcode-based specimen tracking
  • Workflow management
  • Comprehensive summary reporting
  • EMR integration

This connectivity allows for a single point of entry for all laboratory processes via an intuitive, laboratory-friendly solution. Streamlining these procedures and increasing efficiencies allows laboratory staff to focus their time on improving patient care and outcomes, and less time on data entry and paper shuffling.

Compliance and Revenue Management

Powered by the XIFIN HEO Platform, XIFIN LIS Anywhere allows for seamless integration into the full suite of XIFIN solutions designed to meet the complex needs of today’s genomics focused laboratories. Those solutions include:

  • XIFIN RPM: Our comprehensive revenue performance management solution featuring workflow functionality designed to help PGx and NGS laboratories to maximize their claims.
  • XIFIN ProNet: Our physician collaboration solution that facilitates virtual and real-time secure collaboration between diagnostic laboratories and multidisciplinary teams.
  • XIFIN Business Intelligence: Our world-class, enterprise-level financial and operational BI tool that uses real-time dashboards and reports to provide timely, accurate insight into business performance.

To learn more about how to standardize your laboratory with cloud-based solutions, like XIFIN LIS Anywhere, to improve operational efficiencies, and position your organization to seamlessly address the challenges of new technologies, view our on-demand webinar by clicking here.