XIFIN RCM Consulting

XIFIN RCM Consulting

Leverage Industry Knowledge and XIFIN RPM Expertise to Increase Cash Collections

​XIFIN Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Consulting has extensive experience in developing and optimizing billing organizations and workflows for molecular, clinical, toxicology, pathology, and medical devices, for purposes of improving financial performance and accelerating cash flow.

With eroding margins and regulatory changes that continue to threaten reimbursement, diagnostic service providers can ill-afford to take their financial operations for granted. Whether an organization wants to head trouble off at the pass, reverse a trend, or achieve best practice status, XIFIN RCM Consulting services can provide the time-critical analysis and guidance for success.

XIFIN RCM Consulting provides laboratories, radiology and pathology groups, and medical device organizations with expert guidance and support to fully optimize XIFIN RPM or assist through any transition. Whether you’re switching from outsource to in-house billing, acquiring or consolidating operations, or just want to ensure you’re taking maximum advantage from an existing XIFIN RPM billing environment, our consulting practice can help.

Leveraging decades of industry knowledge and XIFIN RPM specific expertise, XIFIN RCM Consulting is able to ensure you improve financial performance and increase cash collections through maximized efficiencies and increased productivity. Download the datasheet to learn more.