XIFIN iNet Portals and Web Services

XIFIN iNet is built upon the HIPAA-compliant XIFIN Health Economics Optimization platform, utilizing the platform to deliver applications and web services to key stakeholders and systems. XIFIN iNet delivers the right capabilities to the right place, at the right time.

XIFIN iNet Portals and Web Services

The Affordable Care Act, Hitech, and changing reimbursement models are all fueling the need for diagnostic service providers to better leverage their information systems and data sources. XIFIN iNet portals and web services are another reason why business is better in the cloud, and are perfect for providing end-to-end connectivity from patient to payor with clean, audience-centric access.


Provide your patients with convenient 24-hour access to their accounts. A XIFIN iNet patient portal takes payments and automatically feeds them directly into XIFIN RPM. It also provides an ideal forum for enhancing patient-provider communication.

XIFIN iNet web services for patient service centers gives labs with interoperable registration systems the ability to identify and capture patient fees up front, at the time of service.

Enable your client laboratories and physicians to self-service, gaining immediate access to test, pricing, and eligibility information that would otherwise require a phone call to your staff. Access to their account information allows them to make payments as needed, correct errors on orders, reducing the workload for both their staff and yours.

Utilize XIFIN web services for data exchange between XIFIN RPM and external systems, including payors, clearinghouses, and banks. Automate and accelerate information exchange while minimizing errors.

Enhance productivity and minimize the possibility of errors across all your systems by using XIFIN iNet web services for data exchange between XIFIN RPM and your LIS/RIS, and CRM systems.

Deliver the same powerful claim scrubbing capabilities found in XIFIN RPM right to the physician's desktop and ensure clean claims at order entry. Rev up your client portal and serve up information and functionality that physicians desire.

Central to all XIFIN's portals and web services is the XIFIN Health Economics Optimization Platform. Using standard Internet and healthcare interoperability and security protocols, the XIFIN Platform shares communication, information, and services with disparate and distributed systems.

XIFIN iNet Ecosphere with XIFIN Health Economics Optimization Platform at Center
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XIFIN iNet Portals

XIFIN iNet portals utilize the XIFIN iNet technology infrastructure to deliver applications to key stakeholders. Each portal exposes a logical set of capabilities and information to a target group, such as physicians or patients.

What kinds of applications exist for XIFIN iNet portals? It's an ever-growing list of apps that can: enable physician order entry and ensure clean claims up front; enable clients to check patient eligibility, test specifications, and pricing information; provide patient and client account and payment services.You decide who your audiences are, and what type of services and capabilities you'd like to provide. XIFIN and its partners are adding to the XIFIN App Exchange all the time. Don't see a capability you'd like to have? Contact us and let's get the conversation started.

XIFIN iNet Web Services

For organizations that already have portals of their own and want to expose apps within them, or who desire to provide system-to-system connectivity and information sharing, XIFIN iNet web services operate flexibly, seamlessly, and with all the HIPAA and Internet security protocols already built in. XIFIN iNet web services enable "digital conversations"—two-way data exchange between systems in real time.

Using XIFIN iNet portals and web services allows immediate data capture and access in the system of record, seamlessly.

The information held within laboratory and radiology billing and information systems is incredibly useful and powerful in terms of health economics optimization: Diagnostic services influence the vast majority of medical decisions and therapy choices, and 70 – 80% of a patient’s medical record data—relevant to optimizing care—is diagnostics results. XIFIN iNet Portals help diagnostic service providers leverage these important assets and related system capabilities to their fullest.


XIFIN iNet Web Services in Action

Problem: The client services and billing office phone representatives of a large national lab were constantly receiving calls, to the tune of thousands per week, from ordering clients asking “What is my price? What are the CPT codes?” for a particular test. These inquiry calls were preventing the staff from focusing on and providing efficient service on issues and exceptions.

Solution: The lab deployed XIFIN iNet’s client price inquiry web service to their existing client portal, allowing their ordering clients to view test information including their prices and CPT codes online at their convenience 24/7. This had a dramatic effect on the lab’s client service and billing office call centers, freeing up their staff of those thousands of calls per week. The staff can now provide more efficient customer service on the true issues and exceptions. The reduction in overall call volume also allowed the lab to redistribute staff to help in other areas of the operation.

"We deployed XIFIN’s iNet Web Services to allow our clients to log into our website and view their client prices and CPT codes at their convenience. The client price inquiry web services had a dramatic change on our customer service satisfaction, with our phone representatives now freed up to efficiently respond on actual issues and our clients were also very pleased with being able to view their prices online." - Director, Revenue Cycle from a global reference laboratory