Increase efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction, with the XIFIN iNet Client Portal.

XIFIN iNet Client Portal

A client portal is an ideal way to interact with client physicians, laboratories, and other providers. It allows them to self-service, gaining immediate access to test, pricing, and eligibility information that would otherwise require a phone call to your staff. Offering this capability to your clients empowers them with access to their account information, allows them to make payments as needed, correct errors on orders and ultimately reduces the workload for both their staff and yours.

Built on the XIFIN Health Economics Optimization Platform, the XIFIN iNet™ Client Portal empowers diagnostic service providers with the ability to leverage multiple information systems and data sources to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their business. The platform's fundamental interoperability means there are no data discontinuity or synchronization issues.

The portal becomes an even more powerful and informative tool for your clients with XIFIN ProNet, securely delivering online consultation and collaboration capabilities.

Already have a portal in place? No problem; XIFIN iNet web services let you take advantage of the same set of capabilities, delivered to your existing portal or cloud-based order entry system. In fact, XIFIN partner Atlas Systems has already incorporated XIFIN functionality into its CPOE solution. Learn more.


Increased convenience for clients, with 24/7 instant access to:

  • Detailed test information, including profile component makeup, CPT codes, and client-specific pricing
  • Real-time access to pricing information and invoices without placing a phone call to the billing department
  • Current and past invoices and payment history
  • Email notification to a client when an invoice is available for payment
  • Ability to make and apply payments to any outstanding balances

Increased productivity of billing staff:

  • Fewer interruptions for routine questions
  • Reduced need to manually locate pricing information or past invoices

Deliver a branded, secure environment via the XIFIN iNet Client Portal, or leverage components within your existing client portal or CPOE.

XIFIN iNet Web Services in Action

Problem: The client services and billing office phone representatives of a large national lab were constantly receiving calls, to the tune of thousands per week, from ordering clients asking “What is my price? What are the CPT codes?” for a particular test. These inquiry calls were preventing the staff from focusing on and providing efficient service on issues and exceptions.

Solution: The lab deployed XIFIN iNet’s client price inquiry web service to their existing client portal, allowing their ordering clients to view test information including their prices and CPT codes online at their convenience 24/7. This had a dramatic effect on the lab’s client service and billing office call centers, freeing up their staff of those thousands of calls per week. The staff can now provide more efficient customer service on the true issues and exceptions. The reduction in overall call volume also allowed the lab to redistribute staff to help in other areas of the operation.

"We deployed XIFIN’s iNet Web Services to allow our clients to log into our website and view their client prices and CPT codes at their convenience. The client price inquiry web services had a dramatic change on our customer service satisfaction, with our phone representatives now freed up to efficiently respond on actual issues and our clients were also very pleased with being able to view their prices online." - Director, Revenue Cycle from a global reference laboratory