Minimum Workstation Hardware and Network Connectivity

Workstation Hardware

Personal Computer system per user

  • 3.0 Ghz or faster CPU
  • 8GB RAM or greater
  • 20GB free hard disk space
  • Monitor: 20” LCD or larger having a resolution of 1280 X 1024 or higher
  • Internet connection

Workstation Software

Please note that the software listed below is subject to change by XIFIN as well as by respective vendors as they cease support for older products. Clients should plan to upgrade third-party software products so that vendor support is available and to meet XIFIN’s minimum requirements. XIFIN does not provide support for third-party products and Clients using unsupported third-party products do so at their own risk.  XIFIN will not provide software, services, or support for issues or incompatibilities that arise from the use of unsupported/obsolete third-party products.

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or later or Macintosh OSX 10 or later operating system
  • The following web browsers:
    • Chrome – latest Stable Channel release (version 58) or later
    • Firefox – latest Extended Support Release or (version 68) or later
    • Microsoft Edge – Chromium based (version 79) or later 
  • Compatible PDF viewer
  • Microsoft Word and Excel
  • XIFIN’s order entry application component of its RPM System requires the use of Java Runtime Environment on the users’ workstation. The recommended Java environment for the order entry application is Java 11 or higher (up to Java 18). Workstations will need to be configured to allow the then-current JAR files for the Java Runtime Environment to be downloaded and saved to and executed from the Workstation’s Web Start directory. The order entry application will download these as needed.
  • Detailed instructions can be found here.
  • Please Note: Customers are responsible for license compliance and ensuring any third party software they utilize is actively supported. Customers are also responsible for the security of their network, workstations, software and other network components, including ensuring that any version of software used in accordance with this document is secure and appropriate for use by the Customer in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and other requirements.

Customer Network Connectivity

  • Sufficient network bandwidth does need to exist to ensure adequate response times for users of the XIFIN systems. XIFIN highly recommends regular, careful monitoring of both average and peak utilization, and proactive adjustments (be they QoS, dedicated channels, higher-bandwidth connections, etc.) as necessary.
  • If you are having problems connecting workstations to the XIFIN RPM System properly, please contact XIFIN’s customer support.


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