Who We Are

XIFIN is a health information technology company that leverages diagnostic information to improve the quality and economics of healthcare.

Our health economics optimization platform is a connected health solution that facilitates connectivity and workflow automation for accessing and sharing clinical and financial diagnostic data, linking healthcare stakeholders in the delivery and reimbursement of care.

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Our Solutions


XIFIN RPM gives laboratories and radiology providers the ability to take control of their billing operations and financial performance.

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XIFIN LIS Anywhere

Combining processing efficiency, workflow optimization, quality assurance, and data validation, XIFIN LIS Anywhere enables laboratories to stay competitive in an increasingly complex environment.

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Collaborate and communicate across departments, disciplines, and organizations in a cloud-based exchange of diagnostic images, clinical data, and other patient encounter information.

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Markets We Serve


We are a proven partner in enabling laboratories to gain a competitive edge with an advanced technological foundation that not only better manages accounts receivable, but also enables an expanded Laboratory role in the emerging healthcare paradigm.

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We have immersed ourselves in understanding reimbursement issues and the failures of traditional billing approaches to adequately address the challenges faced by today’s radiology providers: unprecedented revenue compression, increased government scrutiny, and complex reimbursement requirements.

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Medical Device

With XIFIN RPM, diagnostic medical device companies can increase their market share and revenues by taking control of their revenue cycle management. Improved business intelligence informs negotiations, leading to improved coverage and contract growth.

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Proof in Numbers


8% Average Improvement in Net Cash Collection, Adjusted for Growth


61 Million Accessions/Visits Processed Annually


$29 Billion in Gross Claims Billed Annually


50% Reduction in Denials


Threefold Increase in Successful Appeals


100% Payor Reach

Our Technology

XIFIN Health Economics Optimization Platform: End-to-End Connectivity Across the Diagnostic Lifecycle from Patient to Payment

The XIFIN Health Economics Optimization Platform is a healthcare data-compliant technological foundation upon which XIFIN has built comprehensive solution sets. The XIFIN Platform gives diagnostic service providers the ability to leverage multiple information systems and data sources to maximize the effectiveness of both clinical and business decisions. Web-native, the XIFIN Platform links the many different stakeholders in the delivery of healthcare, optimizing both business and patient outcomes.

Interoperable by Design

Using standard Internet and healthcare interoperability and security protocols, the XIFIN Health Economics Optimization Platform shares communication, information, and services with disparate and distributed systems.


With a data-centric foundation and built-in business intelligence, the XIFIN Platform is designed to allow service providers to analyze data or patterns to capitalize on efficiencies and minimize sources of error and waste.

Action Oriented

The XIFIN Platform actively communicates with other systems, enabling the extension of workflow and information exchange elements beyond an organization's four walls.

Always Current & Compliant

The XIFIN Health Economics Optimization Platform operates in real time, keeping the solutions built on top of it or in communication with it current, and enabling immediate data correction at the point of entry.

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