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Whether you are a diagnostic provider, specialty physician practice, pharmacy, or one of the nation’s largest hospitals, we offer cloud-based solutions and services designed to help you improve visibility, workflow, and profitability.

XiFin Lab Volume Index Presents Timely Picture of Testing Volumes

The XiFin LVI data is a near-real-time look at routine and COVID testing volumes across the US. Its synthesis of diagnostic data enables cross-specialty comparisons of the routine lab, COVID-19 PCR, and antibody testing. The COVID virus's continued presence has a lasting impact on both COVID and routine testing. Access our interactive Laboratory Volume Index charts to see the latest.

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XiFin celebrates
Lab Week 2023

XiFin celebrates Lab Week 2023

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XiFin's Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Voted #1 Client Rated Solution by Diagnostic Labs

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A CFO's guide to boosting profitability and leveraging outpatient, outreach, and ancillary services to reduce overall costs while improving quality with revenue cycle automation and advanced analytics.

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To effectively manage complex business decisions and optimize clinical outcomes, diagnostic service providers must be able to precisely measure results and compare them to internal goals and industry benchmarks.

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Learning from Payor Behavior to Increase Appeal Success

Learning from Payor Behavior to Increase Appeal Success

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See how all types of diagnostics providers are using XiFin to gain control over RCM and improve performance.



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Join the next generation in revenue cycle management.


8% Average First Year Improvement in Net Cash Collection, Adjusted for Growth


120+ Million Accessions/Visits Processed Annually


100% Payor Reach


50% Reduction in Denials


Threefold Increase in Successful Appeals

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