Future of Individualized Medicine

The newly renamed Future of Individualized Medicine (formerly Future of Genomic Medicine) conference expanded to include additional perspectives on how to tailor medicine to the individual. Individualized medicine takes into account a person’s genes—and genomics will remain a core topic for exploration and discussion—but it also considers the full spectrum of a person’s uniqueness from their biologic, physiologic, anatomic, lifestyle and environmental information. The Future of Individualized Medicine conference incorporated perspectives from the emerging fields of digital medicine, artificial intelligence and machine learning, behavioral science and others. It was truly a multidisciplinary forum designed to accelerate the transformation of medicine.

XIFIN participated as an attendee.

Scientists at the Scripps Research Translational Institute aim to make individualized medicine a reality for everyone. We use the tools of genomics and digital medicine combined with cutting-edge informatics techniques to better understand each individual and ultimately render more effective healthcare.

In 2017, after a decade of scientific collaboration, the Translational Institute joined Scripps Research, one of the world’s largest independent, not-for-profit research organizations. 

This new partnership combines the strengths of three institutions: Scripps Research and its expertise in basic science; Calibr and its strength in drug discovery; and the Translational Institute’s broad knowledge in translational and clinical research. Now the Translational Institute serves as a hub for individualized medicine, accelerating our mission of transforming medicine with the patient’s interests at heart.


La Jolla, CA
Future of Individualized Medicine