Webinar: The Complex Science of Regulatory Compliance: Ways to Protect Your Laboratory Investment

Listen to the recent webcast, featuring two leading experts on compliance issues for laboratories, Rina Wolf and David Gee, sharing their insights and tips on how to put an effective and efficient compliance program in place.

Are you confident your policies, procedures, and systems ensure compliance without bogging down your organization?

Discover today where you stand on:

  • What is the current compliance climate and how does it affect your lab?
  • Why the cost of failure far outweighs the price of success.
  • Developing an effective compliance plan—identifying the key elements and participants.
  • Why auditing and monitoring is crucial and how to leverage existing systems to streamline the process.
  • How the right billing system and support will help to ensure compliance.
  • Practical and cost-effective ways to use outside legal resources—when you need them, and when you don't.

Whether your lab is transitioning from concept to commercial enterprise, or is already commercialized, you won't want to miss this information-packed one hour webinar now available on-demand.


Rina Wolf

Vice President, Commercialization Strategies, Consulting & Industry Affairs


Additional Resources:

Gain knowledge on the 10 New Reasons To Tune Up Your Compliance Program to get ready to review existing compliance programs (both written policies and compliance procedures) to be sure you fully comply with the very significant changes brought about by the health care reform bill. 

Even with billions of dollars in fines assessed to providers, establishing and maintaining reliable policies and procedures to ensure compliance is often a challenge.  Learn about a tool with a sophisticated rules-based workflows and proven billing best practices, to reliably monitor and identify non-compliant activity, reduce risk and ensure that critical compliance related decisions are executed consistently and correctly. 

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Rina Wolf


David Gee, former Owner, Garvey Schubert Barer