Webinar: Next Generation in Revenue Cycle Management: The Right Service at the Right Place at the Right Time

The healthcare industry is in a tempest of regulatory change, pricing pressure, and economic uncertainty, and the demands being placed on diagnostic service providers are proving to be dramatic and far-reaching. Thrust into the center of the storm, laboratories and radiology practices must adapt to this dynamic environment and rethink the role of their revenue cycle management systems, if they want to survive.

Listen today to learn in this one-hour webinar:

  • Identify the impetus behind demands for more information and learn how increased governance and cost containment initiatives dri
  • Learn the four key characteristics of next generation revenue cycle management—interoperable, informative, intelligent, and inst
  • See an example of how the XIFIN iNet platform can be used to extend billing functionality, drive down costs, and improve overall
  • See how XIFIN has incorporated Web Services in its newly-launched XIFIN iNet platform

Rapidly changing rules and expectations require a new generation of RCM system. Next generation revenue cycle management (RCM) systems must be able to respond to the demands of the evolving healthcare system. These RCM systems can capture and validate data as it is entered, where it is entered, minimizing errors and ensuring compliance with payor rules. They can avoid duplicate data entry and file maintenance minimizing costs and clerical errors. Patients and clients can have 24/7 access to real-time data about their accounts increasing overall satisfaction. All of these capabilities require that the RCM system be able to communicate effectively with multiple systems outside the billing department.

Featured XIFIN Speaker

Lâle White
Executive Chairman and CEO



Lâle White, Executive Chairman and CEO, XIFIN, Inc.


Rob Atlas, President & CEO, Atlas Development Corporation