RPM 9:  Leveraging the Power of Automated Workflow to Maximize Cash Collections

RPM 9: Leveraging the Power of Automated Workflow to Maximize Cash Collections

We believe that diagnostic providers are a crucial and powerful part of the healthcare system. They are often, however, undervalued by the industry. As evidence of this, you only have to look as far as the constant pressure they face to reduce fees, which are in fact one of the smallest cost elements in the healthcare equation. Our mission is to help diagnostic providers thrive by unleashing their power to succeed, both financially and in improving patient outcomes. We do this by:

  1. Automating key processes to drive down operating costs
  2. Maximizing the value gained from financial operations, such as improving cash collections for reimbursements  
  3. Delivering the data and insight to drive continued financial and process performance improvements

Automating workflow to help labs and other diagnostic providers maximize reimbursements is one essential way that we demonstrate our commitment to this mission. Rather than simply automating a manual paper process, as some billing systems do, we optimize the process to maximize both efficiency and revenue. XIFIN RPM 9 enhances our existing workflow automation and builds upon our cloud-based platform to add new elements of process automation, including:

  • Advanced rules engine with built-in compliance logic that virtually eliminates clerical errors, and significantly reduces both claim denials and labor costs;
  • Real-time visibility to see on one screen any errors or exceptions within the system, and view the status of those exceptions within the workflows;
  • Enhanced document management enabling documentation to be automatically uploaded and attached to claims and appeals;
  • Bulk appeals generation that includes all supporting documentation and allows automated transmission to the payor, eliminating the task of printing and mailing appeals;
  • Integrated insurance discovery that allows the system not only to automatically search for the patient’s proper insurance provider, but also to automatically update the system with the findings;
  • Improved Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows incoming calls, outgoing calls, and text messages, with patient payments easily collected and automatically applied to the system without staff intervention.

XIFIN RPM 9 helps diagnostic providers unleash their powerful contributions to the healthcare ecosystem by automating revenue cycle management, maximizing efficiency, improving cash collection, and increasing financial integrity. We do this by delivering sophisticated, highly configurable automated workflows that ensure clean claim submissions, upfront, in the shortest possible time. This means far fewer clerical errors, significantly reduced denials, lower labor costs, and greater efficiency.

We are dedicated to your success. We offer unrivaled flexibility by enabling you to engage us at the level that is best suited to your needs.  Our highly flexible partnership model allows you to utilize XIFIN RPM in-house with your own billing team or you can choose to completely outsource your billing to our skilled team.  Migrating between the options is an easy transition. You can seamlessly transition some or all functions in-house, if and when you choose. XIFIN works in partnership with you to optimize your reimbursements.

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