New CLIA Waived Tests for Nov. 2004

The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) regulations require a facility to be appropriately certified for each test performed. To ensure that Medicare and Medicaid only pay for laboratory tests categorized as waived complexity under CLIA in facilities with a CLIA certificate of waiver, laboratory claims are currently edited at the CLIA certificate level.

Listed below are the latest tests, effective October 01, 2004.

CPT Code/Modifier Effective Date Description
86318QW 3-23-2004 Acon® H. pylori Test Device
82010QW, 82962 4-15-2004 Abbott Medisense Precision Xtra Advanced Diabetes Management System (K040814)
85018QW 5-4-2004 HemoCue Hemoglobin 201+/HemoCue Hemoglobin Microcuvette System
83001QW 5-11-2004 Synova Healthcare MenocheckPro (Professional Use)
82274QW, G0328QW 5-26-2004 Beckman Coulter Hemoccult ICT
87804QW 2-6-2004 Quidel Quickvue Influenza A+B Test
87880QW 4-15-2004 DE Healthcare Products TruView Strep A Cassette Test
87880QW 6-4-2004 Polymedco Poly Stat Strep A Liquid Test
84450QW 6-18-2004 Cholestech LDX (Whole Blood)
87880QW 6-28-2004 Immunostics Detector Strep A Direct
83001QW 6-28-2004 Acon Laboratories, Inc. FSH Menopause Predictor Test
85018QW 6-30-2004 HemoCue Hemoglobin 201+ (Capillary, Venous, Arterial Whole Blood)
82465QW, 83718 QW, 84478 QW, 80061QW 7-9-2004 Piccolo Point of Care Chemistry Analyzer (Lipid Panel Reagent Disc) (Whole Blood)
87880QW 7-15-2004 Genzyme OSOM Ultra Strep A Test
80101QW 8-24-2004 Accu-Stat Drugs of Abuse Home Test for Marijuana (THC) and Cocaine (COC)
80101QW 8-24-2004 Accu-Stat Drugs of Abuse Home Test for Marijuana (THC)

CLIA has approved new waived code, 84450QW, for the aspartate aminotransferase (AST) test performed on the Cholestech LDX (Whole Blood) test system effective January 03, 2005.

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