Remittance Advice Remark Code & Claim Adjustment Reason Code Update

The following tests are approved by the FDA as waived tests under the CLIA.

Type Code New/Modified/Deactivated/Retired Current Narrative Comment
Remark N345 New Date range not valid with units submitted. Not Medicare Initiated
Remark N346 New Missing/incomplete/invalid oral cavity designation code. Not Medicare Initiated
Remark N347 New Your claim for a referred or purchased service cannot be paid because payment has already been made for this same service to another provider by a payment contractor representing the payer. Medicare Initiated
Remark MA100 Modified Missing/incomplete/invalid date of current illness or symptoms. Modified effective as of March 30, 2005
Remark MA128 Modified Missing/incomplete/invalid FDA approval number. Modified effective on March 30, 2005
Remark 166 New These services were submitted after this payer's responsibility for processing claims under this plan ended. New as of February 2005.

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