Medicare Billing Privileges to be Revoked for Revalidation Non-Compliance

NAS is conducting a revalidation process for certain providers per the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), specifically: 42CFR Section 424.515. In October 2009, Noridian sent mandatory revalidation requests to several Medicare individual and organizational providers. Responses on these requests were due by the end of December 2009. Any provider or organization that did not respond to the October revalidation request will have their Medicare PTANs revoked by the end of January 2010. Additional providers received revalidation requests dated in December 2009. Revalidation information requested in December is due in February 2010. To avoid being revoked, it is essential that if you have received a revalidation request you submit your revalidation applicationimmediately. If you have any questions as you complete the revalidation application, please call our Enrollment Contact Center at 1-888-608-8816 Option 1.

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