Common Working File Unsolicited Response Adjustments for Claims Denied Due to an Open Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Group Health Plan (GHP) Record Where GHP Record was Deleted or Terminated

Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Group Health Plan (GHP) claims were not automatically reprocessed in situations where Medicare became the primary payer after an MSP GHP record had been deleted or when an MSP GHP record was terminated after claims were processed subject to MSP data in Medicare files. It was the responsibility of the beneficiary, provider, physician or other suppliers to contact the Medicare contractor and request that the denied claims be reprocessed when reprocessing was warranted. However, this process places a burden on the beneficiary, physician, or other supplier and CR 6625 eliminates this burden. As a result of CR 6625, Medicare will implement an automated process to:

  • Reopen certain MSP claims when certain MSP records are deleted, or
  • Under some circumstances when certain MSP records are terminated and claims are denied due to MSP or Medicare made a secondary payment before the termination date is accreted.

Basically, where Medicare learns, retroactively, that Medicare Secondary Payer data for a beneficiary is no longer applicable, Medicare will require its systems to search claims history for claims with dates of service within 180 days of a MSP GHP deletion date or the date the MSP GHP termination was applied, which were processed for secondary payment or were denied (rejected for Part A only claims). If claims were processed, the Medicare contractors will reprocess them in view of the more current MSP GHP information and make any claims adjustments that are appropriate. If providers, physicians or other suppliers believe some claim adjustments were missed please contact your Medicare contractor regarding those missing adjustments.

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