Molecular Pathology Procedure test codes

Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, the AMA has established additional Molecular Pathology Procedure test codes. Each of these new Molecular Pathology Procedure test codes represents a test that is currently being used and that may be billed with existing CPT codes. For example, a provider performs a genetic test that is generally billed as follows in order to represent the performance of the entire test: 83891 (one time) + 83898 (multiple times) + 83904 (multiple times) + 83909 (multiple times) + 83912 (one time). In the new CPT test coding structure, the provider can bill with the new, single CPT test code that corresponds to the test represented by the codes in the example above rather than billing each component of the test separately. BCBSTX requests that providers bill using the separate components or "stacked" codes rather than using the new, single Molecular Pathology Procedure test codes. Some procedures may be considered Experimental and Investigational by BCBSTX. Please refer to Medical Policy posted on the BCBSTX website.

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