Revised and Clarified Place of Service (POS) Coding Instructions

Change Request 7631 revises and clarifies national policy for POS code assignment. Instructions are provided regarding the assignment of POS for all services paid under the MPFS and for certain services provided by independent laboratories. In addition to establishing a national policy for the correct assignment of POS codes, instructions are provided for the interpretation or Professional Component (PC) and the Technical Component (TC) of diagnostic tests. This CR establishes that for all services ñ with two (2) exceptions — paid under the MFPS, that the POS code to be used by the physician and other supplier will be assigned as the same setting in which the beneficiary received the face-to-face service. Because a face-to-face encounter with a physician/practitioner is required for nearly all services paid under the MPFS, this rule will apply to the overwhelming majority of MPFS services. In cases where the face-to-face requirement is obviated such as those when a physician/practitioner provides the PC/interpretation of a diagnostic test, from a distant site, the POS code assigned by the physician /practitioner will be the setting in which the beneficiary received the TC of the service. There are two (2) exceptions to this face-to-face provision/rule in which the physician always uses the POS code where the beneficiary is receiving care as a hospital inpatient or an outpatient of a hospital, regardless of where the beneficiary encounters the face-to-face service. The correct POS code assignment will be for that setting in which the beneficiary is receiving inpatient or outpatient care from a hospital, including the inpatient hospital (POS code 21) or the outpatient hospital (POS code 22).

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