California to Require Electronic Reporting of Cancer Diagnoses

A new law in California will require pathologists to electronically report cancer diagnoses to the State Department of Public Health and recognizes the CAP electronic Cancer Checklists (eCC) as a method for reporting. California Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill, AB 2325, into law on September 14. In 2019, pathologists would be required to submit cancer diagnoses to the Department of Public Health California Cancer Registry using the CAP eCC or other standardized format approved by the department. If a pathologist does not use eCC, the bill allows pathologists to submit data from an electronic medical record or web portal. If the pathologist does not use an electronic system, the department is authorized to access the information in an alternative format. The law requires the pathologist to reimburse the department for the cost of accessing and reporting the information. The California Cancer Registry collects statewide data, conducts surveillance, researches causes and cures for cancer, and communicates results to the public.

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