Introducing the newest member of the MolDX team - Dr. James Almas

Palmetto GBA is pleased to announce the newest member of its MolDX clinical team - Dr. James Almas. Dr. Almas is a board-certified pathologist with 20+ years of experience as a Medical Director in large hospital systems in two states. He is an active member of CAP, AMP, and ASCP. He has experience with the CPT process having served as the AMA-CAP CPT Advisor on the CPT Panel. Dr. Almas has previous experience working as a consultant to the MolDX Program and to Blue Cross Blue Shield members and most recently has served as a Medical Officer at the Coverage and Analysis Group (CAG) at CMS. As a Medical Officer with CAG, he worked as a CMS deputy to the Cancer Moonshot Initiative and he has presented at AACR and other groups. While at the agency he also worked with the CLIA division. Dr. Almas will join the team as a MolDX Medical Director working with Dr. Elaine Jeter and the team in continuing to advance the critical work of the MolDX program.

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