XIFIN is a healthcare information technology company dedicated to delivering connected health applications that improve the quality and economics of healthcare. The company’s health economics optimization platform facilitates connectivity and workflow automation for accessing and sharing clinical and financial diagnostic data to link healthcare stakeholders in the delivery and reimbursement of care and to enable informed, streamlined diagnostic and business decision-making.

A Solid Foundation

From the beginning, XIFIN’s founders saw that with the accelerated pace of change in the healthcare industry and increasing demands for connectivity, a new paradigm was needed. In 2001, XIFIN introduced its groundbreaking Laboratory Billing solution—the first comprehensive accounts receivable and financial management solution designed using a financial framework specifically to address the problems that undermine the effectiveness and efficiency of laboratories’ revenue cycle management.

Taking advantage of its cloud-based platform, XIFIN wrapped its solution in a comprehensive set of managed services that removed not only the IT cost and maintenance burden that typically accompanies software, but also took on the never-ending task of keeping data logic and edits current, and performing all daily processing and management of online submissions. Today, XIFIN’s billing solutions service diagnostic service providers of all types — including clinical, hospital outreach, anatomic pathology, molecular diagnostics, toxicology, medical device, and radiology providers ranging from early stage startups to the nation’s largest laboratories and practices. XIFIN processes more than 60 million claims per year on behalf of its clients, and has realized over $3 billion in cumulative net cash collection gains for them.

A Platform for Today and Tomorrow

Since 2001, XIFIN has continued to extend its platform and broaden its offerings in support of connected health. Recognizing that the continuing digitization of healthcare represents an opportunity to deliver end-to-end patient connectivity, XIFIN and its partners continue to develop portals and applications that are built on the Health Economics Optimization Platform backbone and employ web service technologies for that purpose.

With XIFIN LIS Anywhere, XIFIN extends health economics optimization deeper into diagnostic provider organizations, and with XIFIN ProNet, health economics optimization is extended by way of physician collaboration and consultation. XIFIN has further leveraged its expertise in dealing with some of the most complex data and workflows in healthcare today, to develop its world class business intelligence. XIFIN Business Intelligence gives our clients the information they need, when they need it, and where they need it, to make the best financial and clinical decisions.

The common thread running throughout XIFIN is a vision of Optimized Health Economics—creating an environment in which patients receive the best healthcare at the lowest cost to themselves and the healthcare system as a whole. Every aspect of our solutions supports this vision—from Cloud delivery to providing advanced managed services; from emphasis on secure standards-based interoperability and connectivity, to a dedication to performance measurement, analysis, and optimization. Our goal is to unlock a world where healthcare operates with efficiency and makes informed, optimized decisions; where information is leveraged both to build healthy organizations and to deliver the best care and patient outcomes possible.

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