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Partnering with XiFin

XiFin constantly strives to bring its clients the most innovative and practical solutions to their business problems. Critical elements of that effort are partnering with industry leading technology companies and service providers and maintaining industry affiliations to advocate on our clients' behalf and to stay at the forefront of change. Learn more about XiFin partnerships, becoming a XiFin partner, and our deep industry affiliations.

Partner with the trusted leader in RCM, Pharmacy Solutions, Laboratory Information Systems, and Healthcare Informatics

Partners are a highly valued and instrumental component of XiFin’s commitment to providing the best possible value to our clients. Working with industry-leading technology companies and service providers, we leverage core competencies and strengths to deliver the most innovative and practical solutions to business problems. Together we expand existing client relationships and create new business opportunities.

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Partner with a trusted leader in health economics optimization. XiFin clients include many of the nation’s largest laboratories, health systems, diagnostic service providers, radiology groups and pharmacies. For the right technologies and services, the XiFin partner program strives to provide high value to our customers and business opportunities for our partners. The XiFin infrastructure offers a broad set of APIs providing real-time two-way connectivity and interoperability.

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XiFin Partners


Partnerships are key to delivering maximum value to our clients. XiFin partners with healthcare innovators who also recognize the power and value of interoperability and communication. XiFin also establishes and maintains partnerships with and interfaces to clearinghouses, payors, government agencies and other online information and data sources, in order to free its clients from the need to manage and support these relationships. XiFin has two different types of partners -- those that are integrated with one or more of our solutions and those that are not integrated.


Featured Partners


PWNHealth’s services foster new growth opportunities for XiFin RPM customers enabling them to gain a competitive edge in the emerging value-based healthcare paradigm with access and the ability to deploy lab services in support of consumer-initiated testing and employer-based screening programs.

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Affiliations & Advocacy

Navigating through the perpetually changing diagnostic healthcare landscape requires a partner, expert and leader. XiFin is proud of the strong affiliations we have forged within the industry. We participate in standards committees, trade associations, and with third party payors; our strong connections keep us at the forefront of change and enable us to advocate on our clients' behalf. XiFin pioneers open standards, defines best practices, and is a trusted advisor on compliance and reimbursement. XiFin continually works to advance standards and best practices in the diagnostic healthcare community.

''Thanks to our technology partners like XiFin, ASCP is moving toward a secure and sustainable cloud-based infrastructure and telehealth platform to register pathology specimens, record findings and report diagnostic results to local clinicians for the care of cancer patients in Africa. With the placement of cloud-based digital pathology systems in target countries, ASCP will connect volunteers with local clinicians in Sub-Saharan Africa to promote earlier diagnosis and appropriate cancer treatment for both palliative and curative care.''

Dan A. Milner, Jr.

MD, MSc(Epi), FASCP, Chief Medical Officer American Society for Clinical Pathology