XIFIN Technology Platform

End-to-end connectivity across the diagnostic lifecycle from patient to payment

The XIFIN technology platform is a healthcare data-compliant technological foundation upon which XIFIN has built comprehensive solution sets. The XIFIN platform gives diagnostic service providers the ability to leverage multiple laboratory information systems and data sources to maximize the effectiveness of both clinical and business decisions. Web-native, the XIFIN platform links the many different stakeholders in the delivery of healthcare, optimizing both business and patient outcomes.


    Partners leverage the XIFIN platform to deliver their solutions and offerings, providing extended capabilities to XIFIN clients.

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    App Portals

    Portals provide the point of entry to XIFIN and its partners' applications. Portals are audience-specific and deliver a meaningful set of capabilities to each audience, from physician offices, to patients, to payors.


    HIPAA compliant and utilizing advanced security technologies in a multi-layer approach, the XIFIN platform ensures that your data is safe, secure, and available only to the proper individuals.

    XIFIN Engine

    Designed from the beginning for the cloud, the XIFIN engine takes advantage of service-oriented architecture to deliver an agile, responsive platform whose workflow and data access functions are optimized for its high-transaction, high-volume environment.

    Data Warehouse

    The XIFIN platform is data-centric. Everything within the platform, from security to workflow flows, from this core understanding of the manifest importance of data.

    XIFIN Technology Platform - Driven by Data

    The XIFIN technology platform has at its core a robust, secure, constantly growing data warehouse. Rich in both financial and clinical data, the platform ensures this data is both accessible and useful across all of the decisions and activities that flow from healthcare diagnostics. The XIFIN platform addresses diagnostic providers' needs for information, analysis, efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness. Wrapped around the data core are the technological components that ensure maximum security and performance. With its cloud-based service-oriented architecture, the XIFIN engine is built to deliver advanced functionality and workflows suitable for the most demanding of environments. Its inherent agility enables seamless updating with zero impact to users and IT personnel. The XIFIN platform utilizes some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. When you access our site using industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, your information is protected using both server authentication and data encryption, ensuring that your data is safe, secure, and available only to registered users in your organization. Our platform enjoys all the benefits of multitenancy, including built-in security, reliability, upgradeability, and ease of use.

      Interoperable by Design

      The XIFIN technology platform is architected for the future, using standard Internet and healthcare interoperability and security protocols, to share communication, information, and services with disparate and distributed systems. Interoperability speeds configuration and enables you to quickly respond to new requirements and opportunities, and ensures your business never becomes stranded on a technology island.


      With a data-centric foundation and built-in business intelligence, the XIFIN platform is designed to allow service providers to analyze data or patterns to capitalize on efficiencies and minimize sources of error and waste. Clinical and financial data in a healthcare environment is extremely complex and therefore can be very difficult to work with. It requires both experience and expertise to properly combine these elements so that the analytics can make sense of and convey accurate and meaningful information.


      The XIFIN platform actively communicates with other systems, enabling the extension of workflow and information exchange elements beyond an organization's four walls.

      Always current, always compliant

      The XIFIN platform operates in real time, keeping the solutions built on top of it or in communication with it current, and enabling immediate data correction at the point of entry.

      XIFIN Technology Drives Connected Health

      Connected health is using healthcare information technology to facilitate accessing, sharing, and analyzing healthcare-related information. It is much more than simply acquiring data from mobile devices or managing and analyzing patient data, though. Connected health also encompasses the communication and collaboration that needs to occur between all the stakeholders involved in a patient’s health.

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      Learn more about connected health and download our white paper, "A CEO's Guide to Connected Health."


      XIFIN Solutions


      XIFIN RPM gives laboratories, pathology, and medical device providers the ability to take control of their billing operations and financial performance.

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      Combining processing efficiency, workflow optimization, quality assurance, and data validation, XIFIN LIS enables laboratories to stay competitive in an increasingly complex environment.

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      A Precision Medicine Informatics platform that uniquely integrates and visualizes clinical, diagnostic and financial data, enabling healthcare professionals to gain insights, make better decisions, and improve outcomes.

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      XIFIN ProNet

      Open up new revenue opportunities, improve quality assurance and minimize risk through secondary digital consultations and professional networking with XIFIN ProNet.

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      Using Technology to Unleash the Value of Diagnostics

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