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The Impact of COVID-19 on Remote Patient Monitoring, Medical Device, and IDTF Patient Engagement Tools

This blog post is part two of a three part series. View Part One. According to the “COVID 19 Telehealth Impact Study,” conducted by the COVID 19 Healthcare Coalition, 75% of physicians reported they would like to continue to offer digital services for chronic disease management post-COVID. These findings confirm that physicians see the value in providing digital and telehealth services as a part...


How COVID-19 Influenced Billing and Patient Access Tools for Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring, Medical Device, and IDTF

Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in a Fierce Healthcare webinar, “Billing and Patient Access Tools to Boost Digital Health Profits.” During the webinar, I addressed how COVID-19 changed billing and patient access tools for remote patient monitoring (RPM), medical device, and independent device testing facilities (IDTFs). My presentation covered three main topics: COVID impacts to...