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Optimizing Billing and Cash Collection—Valuable Lessons Specialty Providers Can Learn from Clinical Laboratories

In our work at XiFin, we support a wide variety of medical providers, many of whom share similar challenges. While our founders and initial clients come from the laboratory space, we see an expanding need for flexible revenue cycle technology and services in other specialty and ancillary spaces.   Specialty providers like radiologists, pathologists, anesthesiologists, remote patient monitoring...


The Link Between Patient Satisfaction, Billing, and Profitability

A patient’s billing experience is the last impression that influences their satisfaction with their medical care team. Even for diagnostic providers without direct patient contact, a dissatisfied patient can result in delayed payments, patient complaints, and loss of referrals. Satisfaction impacts the patient’s probability of returning to the provider and paying their medical bill. So, what can...


What Can Medical Providers Learn from the Southwest Airlines Fiasco?

Even those who were lucky enough not to be traveling over the holidays are aware of the epic fail at Southwest. While all airlines were impacted, Southwest was running at about a third of their scheduled flights even after the brunt of the bad weather had passed. The impact on travelers was so significant, and so far outside of what other airlines experienced that a government investigation was...


Telehealth Is Here to Stay

One of the lasting changes born of the pandemic is the expectation by healthcare providers that they will continue to leverage telehealth and remote patient monitoring platforms in their practices. According to the “COVID 19 Telehealth Impact Study” conducted by the COVID 19 Healthcare Coalition, in 2018 only 18% of physicians incorporated telehealth as part of their care model, primarily due to...


The Impact of COVID-19 on Remote Patient Monitoring, Medical Device, and IDTF Patient Engagement Tools

This blog post is part two of a three part series. View Part One and Part Three. According to the “COVID 19 Telehealth Impact Study,” conducted by the COVID 19 Healthcare Coalition, 75% of physicians reported they would like to continue to offer digital services for chronic disease management post-COVID. These findings confirm that physicians see the value in providing digital and telehealth...


How COVID-19 Influenced Billing and Patient Access Tools for Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring, Medical Device, and IDTF

This blog post is part one of a three part series. View Part Two and Part Three. Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in a Fierce Healthcare webinar, “Billing and Patient Access Tools to Boost Digital Health Profits.” During the webinar, I addressed how COVID-19 changed billing and patient access tools for remote patient monitoring (RPM), medical device, and independent device testing...