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The Importance of Physician and Patient Engagement for Molecular Diagnostic Market-Share Expansion

This blog is the second in our series covering the keys to success for market-share expansion in molecular diagnostics outlined in our recent whitepaper, “The Executive’s Guide to Molecular Diagnostic Market-Share Expansion”. If you missed the first blog in this series, find it here.As more molecular diagnostic testing moves from physician offices and laboratories to the home, molecular...


COVID-19 Puts a Spotlight on Billing DIY versus Outsourcing

As the economy starts to reopen and elective healthcare activities increase, hospital ancillary services, outreach programs, pathology practices, IDTF/remote patient monitoring companies, and independent labs must be ready to handle the volume surge. XIFIN’s Lab Volume Index data indicates a steady upward trend in lab volume; routine testing has already rebounded to nearly 80% of pre-COVID levels...


Appreciation for Dedicated Lab Warriors

Laboratory Professionals Week, April 19-25, is an annual celebration of lab professionals and pathologists who play a vital role in healthcare and patient advocacy.This year, Lab Week is occurring while lab professionals and pathologists are staunchly working and sacrificing on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Laboratory...


New Study Demonstrates GAO’s PAMA Report Based on Faulty Assumptions

In a XIFIN blog post from April 5, we address that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) report entitled, “Medicare Laboratory Tests Implementation of New Rates May Lead to Billions in Excess Payments” appears to demonstrate a misunderstanding of how price and panel bundling work in laboratory billing and reimbursement.The report appears to suggest that American Medical Association (AMA)...


Improving Reimbursement for Remote Patient Monitoring and Medical Devices by Leveraging Real World Data

The diagnostic industry is benefiting from new innovation and data collection opportunities provided by telemetry, wearable diagnostics, and remote patient monitoring devices. These devices are collecting more patient diagnostic and monitoring information than ever before. They also help to save time in the diagnosis and treatment process, reduce healthcare costs, and help physicians monitor...


Helping you get “In-Network” Coverage – Faster and Easier

Achieving “in-network” coverage with payors for new or differentiated diagnostics, technology, or remote patient monitoring devices can provide significant advantages for novel diagnostic and medical device companies. The first step in gaining these advantages is getting payors to cover a new test or device for the applicable patient indications. The next step is to negotiate a favorable price...