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Things to Consider When Building a Patient and Provider Engagement Infrastructure

This blog post is the final installment of our three part series. View Part One and Part Two. On the recent Fierce Healthcare webinar, “Billing and Patient Access Tools to Boost Digital Health Profit,” I had the pleasure of addressing patient and provider engagement tools.The fact is, healthcare billing and claims processing — more specifically the revenue cycle management (RCM) process for...


Making Physician Referrals and Orders for Outpatient Services Easy – Why EHR Revenue Cycle Modules Aren’t Enough for Hospital Labs (Part 6)

As the sixth installment of this multi-part blog series, we address the needs of ordering or referring physicians to support them using your health system’s outpatient services. While the patient is always the primary customer, for hospital outpatient services such as ambulatory and outreach laboratory, as your outpatient and outreach programs expand further into the surrounding communities and...


Ancillary and Ambulatory Services - Why EHR Revenue Cycle Modules Aren’t Enough for Hospital Labs (Part 5)

Electronic health record (EHR), enterprise systems, and other practice management software fail to support the unique RCM needs of ancillary and ambulatory services. Lacking the appropriate RCM tools and solutions prohibits these valuable services from having visibility into their RCM processes and being fully reimbursed for the services they provide. As an example, MercyOne Des Moines opted to...


The Importance of Lab-Specific Revenue Cycle Management for Hospital Labs

As a laboratory leader, you understand the value and impact of the patient care data you generate for hospital and community patients. On the business side of things, however, you aren’t always provided with the appropriate tools and visibility to position the lab to also be a profitable business entity. The time is now to challenge your current revenue cycle situation, including system and...


Are You Taking Control of Your Lab RCM?

On July 18th in Boston, I had the opportunity to attend G2 Intelligence’s Lab Leadership Summit: Designing, Implementing & Managing a High-Profit Lab Outreach Program. This conference consisted of a variety of attendees from hospital lab directors and outreach managers, to consultants and industry partners, all connecting with the common goal of discovering how to maximize operational...