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Tips for Medical Device and Remote Patient Monitoring Companies for Getting Your Foot in the Door with Payors

When you develop a new medical device or remote patient monitoring service, inevitably in your launch planning you come to the question of which of the following must happen first: Physicians must prescribe your new product or service and show market demand to get payors to cover it. OR You must get payors to cover it (through a payor contract) so that physicians will prescribe it and...


Things to Consider When Moving to an Insurance-Based Reimbursement Model for Remote Patient Monitoring and Medical Devices

Negotiating payment agreements with commercial and government payors can increase both your market share and your revenue substantially. But it can be challenging for smaller or newer medical device or remote patient monitoring companies and IDTFs to get the attention of large payors. One way to help this is to have a well-articulated, compelling value proposition, such as filling a known gap in...


Paperless Billing and e-Invoicing Increase Patient and Provider Satisfaction

Patient financial responsibility for healthcare services continues to rise. As patients are increasingly responsible for higher deductibles, larger or more numerous co-pays, and fewer covered services, providing more invoicing and payment options is critical. Research by eStatements indicates that more than half of patients (52%) prefer to receive paperless healthcare bills.1 Paperless billing...


Making Telehealth Coverage a Permanent Benefit for U.S. Consumers

One of the most significant legislative changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic was the temporary measure taken by legislators to cover telehealth visits. It was an overwhelming success in the eyes of patients and providers. Telehealth services rapidly expanded to cover primary care, behavioral health, mental health care, and remote patient monitoring. Now that those rule changes, initiated by...


Trend Alert: Retail Pharmacies Becoming Primary Healthcare Destinations

When people think of retail pharmacists, what usually comes to mind is a person standing behind a counter dispensing prescriptions, sometimes discussing side-effects, or answering the occasional question from a customer. Pharmacists, however, can do much more than that, and the COVID-19 pandemic created the perfect opportunity for pharmacists to take on a more proactive role in front-line patient...


The Value of Highly Flexible Client/Physician e-Invoicing Capabilities

There are several scenarios in which ordering entities, such as physician practices, want other healthcare providers, like laboratories or medical device companies, to bill them for services performed or devices delivered rather than billing payors or patients. For example, if a diagnostic provider offers only non-covered services, such as a new genetic test or novel medical device, the ordering...