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Enabling Precision Medicine Through AI

Enjoy the following content from our partner, Fabric Genomics. Precision medicine is of growing interest for healthcare providers and hospitals. The Precision Medicine Initiative defined precision medicine as an "emerging approach for disease prevention and treatment that takes into account people's individual variations in genes, environment, and lifestyle." At...


Business Intelligence – Why EHR Revenue Cycle Modules Aren’t Enough for Hospital Labs (Part 4)

As the final installment of this 4-part series, we’ll review the remaining two considerations for hospital and health system lab leaders when it comes to selecting the right RCM system for outreach and outpatient laboratory services. As discussed earlier in this series, too often health system leaders expect outreach laboratories to use the hospital’s enterprise revenue cycle management (RCM)...


Protecting Customer Data: Focus on Data Breach Prevention and Protocol

With a company’s average cost of suffering a data breach at approximately $3.86 million (IBM/Ponemon Report), cursory defenses are not enough. Data security needs to be part of your culture.At a recent XIFIN roundtable, Kevin Hagen, XIFIN Vice President of Information Systems, and I discussed how XIFIN protects customer data. Kevin introduced the value of stolen PHI data and best practices for...


Using Machine Learning to Improve Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Operations and Decision-Making

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are mainstream topics in the technology space, but separating the truth from the hype can be a challenge. AI refers to any technique that enables computers to mimic human intelligence. Machine learning (ML) is a subset of AI and is the science of getting computers to act without having to be explicitly programmed. It does this by analyzing data...


Usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Clinical Decision Making

This week XIFIN will be speaking at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference. This is the 25th annual conference and this year it is expected to have an estimated 3,700 thought leaders present.I will be discussing artificial intelligence (AI) vs. medical doctor. I feel AI and machine learning in pathology would have to complement the regular clinician’s assessment of certain disease states and...