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U.S. HealthTek: Considering a New LIS? What You Need to Know

Enjoy the following content from our strategic partner, U.S. Healthtek. Here at U.S. HealthTek, we’re seeing a greater interest in new and upgraded laboratory information systems (LIS). This is a little something I know about. When I started my career in the healthcare industry in the mid-1980s, one of my initial projects was to build a lab system for National...


Digital Pathology Primary Diagnosis is Approved – Is Your Lab Ready for the Future?

Earlier this month, there was an exciting announcement that Leica received their FDA 510(k) clearance to market a digital pathology whole slide imaging system for primary diagnosis. This comes on the heels of Philips’ groundbreaking announcement of FDA clearance in late 2017, which was the first device ever cleared for primary diagnosis. These advancements are initiating significant momentum in...


A Conduit for Real-Time Lab Data Exchange

For labs looking for a conduit that allows for the pre-scrubbing of claims to ensure the likelihood of acceptance from the patient’s insurance provider, web services are the answer (Generically, a web service is any standardized software system designed to communicate with another system over the web; here, I will be referring to a specific set of web services created for the healthcare industry...


Clinical Lab 2.0: Data Driven Strategies that Position Labs to Compete in the Changing Healthcare Landscape

Summary: Clinical Lab 2.0 facilitates thought leadership efforts to identify opportunities and threats that provide insight into laboratory operations and identify value streams to drive efficiency for the laboratory, health systems and positive outcomes for patients.Clinical Lab 2.0 is all about the future of capturing new customers, partners and markets.  For laboratories to compete, new...


Hospital Outreach Laboratories: Defining, Achieving, and Measuring Value

From a competitive perspective, hospital outreach laboratories seem to be well positioned, with recent research indicating outreach programs are holding their own market share compared to national laboratories.  One such survey1 shows average operating margins at or above historical levels.Defining ValueThat said, laboratory leadership is often challenged to ensure hospital and health system...