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Best Practice to Maximize Patient Collections Now that the HRSA COVID-19 Uninsured Program has Ended

On March 15, 2022, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) announced that the Uninsured Program would stop accepting claims as it had exhausted its federal pandemic funding. In the COVID-19 Uninsured Program Shutdown FAQs, HRSA stated: Claims submitted after March 22 for COVID-19 testing and treatment, and after April 5 for vaccination will not be adjudicated for payment. ...


3 Ways A Patient Engagement Strategy Makes a Difference for your Pharmacy

Reprinted with permission. It’s 2022. Most pharmacies, no matter their size, have patient messaging software of one sort or another. Everyone sends text messages, makes refill reminder calls, and deploys an IVR. But patient engagement is more than just outbound communication. An effective patient engagement strategy for your pharmacy revolves aroundbi-directional connections that strengthen your...


How OmniSYS fits into Your Hospital’s Pharmacy Security Best Practices

Reprinted with permission. When it comes to patient experiences, outpatient hospital pharmacies want the best of the best. To them, the patient’s experience is paramount. But at the end of the day, IT makes the decisions on what solutions are allowed into the hospital network. Because when it comes to security, hospital pharmacies have a distinct set of rules they must follow compared to their...


New Market Dynamics Poised to Reshape Clinical Lab Services and the Role of the Pharmacy

In May, I had the privilege of addressing the audience at the National Independent Laboratory Association (NILA) Lab Leaders Forum to discuss the market dynamics that are reshaping clinical laboratory and pharmacy services. This blog provides a summary of several of these important trends.The healthcare industry continues to experience a data explosion. Industry leaders are combining claim data,...


My Predictions for the Coming Year: A New Blueprint for Healthcare

These past two years have been a period of change, during which COVID dramatically shifted the focus to the importance of diagnostic testing. In fact, with the Omicron surge putting a further spotlight on the fact that testing is still needed even with widespread vaccinations, TIME has labelled 2022 “the year of testing.” Alongside this increased focus, however, are ongoing financial and...


Trend Alert: Retail Pharmacies Becoming Primary Healthcare Destinations

When people think of retail pharmacists, what usually comes to mind is a person standing behind a counter dispensing prescriptions, sometimes discussing side-effects, or answering the occasional question from a customer. Pharmacists, however, can do much more than that, and the COVID-19 pandemic created the perfect opportunity for pharmacists to take on a more proactive role in front-line patient...