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XiFin offers cloud-based revenue cycle management, laboratory information, and physician collaboration solutions. Whether you're a startup diagnostics provider, national independent laboratory, or one of the nation's largest hospitals, we can help you improve profitability and achieve better outcomes. 

More than simply processing claims, XiFin has demonstrated that by focusing on process and integration, its revenue cycle management can deliver superior results at lower costs while creating significant new value.

In the increasingly hostile environment confronting pathology groups today, each penny collected, every efficiency gained, and every new dollar brought in is critical to survival. XiFin's industry-leading solutions are helping anatomic pathology laboratories thrive.

As science advances, molecular diagnostic laboratories are forced to deal with a diverse range of issues from complex reimbursement requirements to being caught off guard by rapid growth, XiFin provides a host of services designed with molecular diagnostic laboratories in mind.

Hospitals face burgeoning healthcare costs, economic pressures, and increased governance. For most, success hinges on good visibility, accurate information, and efficient and effective automation. XiFin solutions let outreach laboratories take control of their business.

Pain management and toxicology laboratories face unique challenges and a competitive environment. XiFin solutions give pain management laboratories the tools they need to deliver superior results.

Hospital Groups

XiFin enables hospital-based radiology groups to gain the control and external system connectivity they need to maximize cash and keep costs low and productivity high.

Imaging Centers

With referrals at the center of the imaging center business model, XiFin is the means to drive superior clinical and financial results and improve physician and patient satisfaction.

Mobile Imaging

Moving beyond simple billing management, XiFin solutions help mobile imaging providers maximize financial and clinical results, and improve physician and patient satisfaction.

Medical Device

With XiFin RPM, diagnostic medical device companies can increase their market share and revenues by taking control of their revenue cycle management. Improved business intelligence informs negotiations, leading to improved coverage and contract growth.

Medical Device Solutions

''XiFin is a trusted authority in the diagnostic laboratory industry and its company leaders have invaluable insights to share regarding the future of lab testing and how to best prepare for ongoing transitions in the midst of financial and reimbursement pressures''

Robert Michel

Editor-in-chief of The Dark Report and president of The Dark Intelligence Group, Inc.,

XiFin Technology Drives Connected Health

Connected health is using healthcare information technology to facilitate accessing, sharing, and analyzing healthcare-related information. It is much more than simply acquiring data from mobile devices or managing and analyzing patient data, though. Connected health also encompasses the communication and collaboration that needs to occur between all the stakeholders involved in a patient’s health.

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Revenue Cycle Management

XiFin RPM gives laboratories and radiology providers the ability to take control of their billing operations and financial performance.

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Laboratory Information System

Combining processing efficiency, workflow optimization, quality assurance, and data validation, XiFin LIS Anywhere enables laboratories to stay competitive in an increasingly complex environment.

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Partnership for Patients

At the Health Evolution Summit, Dawn Owens of Triple Tree and Lale White of XiFin discuss how creating a collaborative culture can lead to success.

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