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Laboratory Solutions

Experience + Knowledge = Expertise

The Laboratory industry has had a rocky ride in recent years, and there is no evidence it will let up soon; PAMA and MACRA are contributing to an expected price compression in 2018 that could decimate some labs. This is a critical year for reinforcing Laboratory's role in the delivery of optimized healthcare in an increasingly patient-centric world. Business as usual will not cut it in this environment, nor will "systems as usual."


Ordered Tests Processed Through XiFin Annually

XiFin celebrates
Lab Week 2023

XiFin celebrates Lab Week 2023

XiFin RPM: Beyond Laboratory Billing

From the beginning, XiFin saw that laboratories need a health information technology platform that provides advanced clinical solutions for laboratories to gain the visibility and the tools they need to take control of their businesses.

Focus on Your Business, Not Technology

Because XiFin solutions are cloud-based, laboratories are no longer required to maintain the expensive IT hardware and software infrastructure necessary to run a secure, enterprise-class system. And because XiFin is well-grounded in Laboratory, our solutions are built to exact healthcare and financial security and privacy standards.​

Optimize Your Business

XiFin ’s extensive managed services shoulder the burden of keeping you up to date with everything from regulatory changes to modifications to CPT codes and fluctuations in claim adjudication methods. Our “finger on the pulse” model allows XiFin to draws on our breadth of in-house expertise and depth of research to understand the latest policies and incorporate them into our solutions, so that you can focus on optimizing your business.

Business Intelligence

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Healthcare data, particularly Laboratory diagnostic and billing data, is especially complex and often difficult to interpret. We have applied our expertise in healthcare financial management to design a business intelligence data model to handle the volume and complexity of this information and that yields meaningful, useful results. Taking advantage of this robust information is critical to laboratories’ success, as it is essential to understanding and improving clinical outcomes. It is also a critical component in demonstrating value in coordinated care and value-based pricing models.

XiFin is a proven partner in enabling laboratories to gain a competitive edge with an advanced technological foundation that not only better manages accounts receivable, but also enables an expanded laboratory role in the emerging healthcare paradigm.

Learning from Payor Behavior to increase Appeal Success

Learning from Payor Behavior to increase Appeal Success

Laboratory-Based Affiliations

Navigating through the perpetually changing laboratory landscape requires a partner, expert, and leader. XiFin is proud of the strong affiliations we have forged within the industry. We participate in standards committees, trade associations, and with third party payors; our strong connections keep us at the forefront of change and enable us to advocate on our clients' behalf. XiFin pioneers open standards, defines best practices, and is a trusted advisor on compliance and reimbursement. XiFin continually works to advance standards and best practices in the laboratory community.

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Our Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions

Revenue Cycle Management

XiFin RPM gives laboratories and radiology providers the ability to take control of their revenue cycle from laboratory billing operations to financial performance.

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Laboratory Information System

Combining processing efficiency, workflow optimization, quality assurance, and data validation, XiFin LIS enables laboratories to stay competitive in an increasingly complex environment.

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Physician Collaboration

Collaborate and communicate across departments, disciplines, and organizations in a cloud-based exchange of diagnostic images, clinical data, and other patient encounter information.

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