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Anatomic Pathology

The Anatomic Pathology Imperative: Protect Revenue

With recent reimbursement and regulatory change, pathology groups are fighting for their existence. Massive cuts to 88305 tech component reimbursement, new reimbursement caps for certain biopsies, MIPS and MACRA program fallout, and the controversial handling and pricing of molecular pathology (MoPath) CPT codes all add up to an environment of unprecedented revenue compression, increased government scrutiny and complex reimbursement requirements.

At the same time, pathologists are fighting to establish a stronger voice in the shifting healthcare paradigm. Incorporating digital pathology, improving collaboration with physicians, and leveraging the rich diagnostic information generated by pathology systems, are all critical to surviving in the months and years to come.

In this environment, pathology labs need a technology infrastructure, like XiFinlab billing solution, that supports optimized business processes and delivers the financial and operational integrity essential to laboratory success.

XiFin anatomic pathology lab solutions are built on the cloud-based XiFin Health Economics Optimization Platform, leveraging the platform's security, interoperability, advanced automated workflow, and connectivity to transform anatomic pathology for the new economic paradigm.

Our Solutions

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

XiFin RPM gives laboratories and radiology providers the ability to take control of their billing operations and financial performance.

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Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Combining processing efficiency, workflow optimization, quality assurance, and data validation, XiFin LIS enables laboratories to stay competitive in an increasingly complex environment.

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Healthcare Informatics

VisualStrata uniquely integrates and visualizes clinical, diagnostic, and financial data, enabling healthcare professionals to create shared data models, gain insights, make better decisions, improve outcomes, and create new revenue streams.

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Digital Pathology Consultation

Open up new revenue opportunities, improve quality assurance and minimize risk through secondary digital consultations and professional networking with XiFin ProNet.

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Learning from Payor Behavior to increase Appeal Success

Learning from Payor Behavior to increase Appeal Success

A Technological Foundation for Optimizing the Economics of Healthcare

The XiFin technology platform gives diagnostic service providers the ability to leverage multiple information systems and data sources to maximize the effectiveness of both clinical and business decisions. Web-native, the XiFin technology platform links the many different stakeholders in the delivery of healthcare, optimizing both business and patient outcomes.

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Anatomic Pathology Success Stories

The XiFin Advantage

Deep expertise in pathology and diagnostics, evidenced in our solutions, and expert and managed services

Lasting commitment to maintain financial and operational integrity

Blog Post: Integrating Pathology Into the Care Team – A Workflow Solution for Integrated Healthcare Data Exchange and Collaboration

Recently, the AICPA made a change to the original SSAE 16 standards for security to address and clarify complexity issues, updating them to the SSAE 18 standard which went into effect in May 2017.


Featured Webinars

Pathology Drives Cancer Moonshot Initiative- It All Begins with a Diagnosis

Since the Moonshot hit Congress, how can pathologists and other clinicians play a more significant role in the war on cancer? Changes in the way healthcare is delivered are driving the industry aggressively toward more cost-effective, value-based care models. Technology that enables the delivery of medicine in this new paradigm connects healthcare stakeholders with the tools they need to ensure patients get the best care at the lowest cost. Healthcare organizations are leveraging technology to improve patient care first and foremost, and to reduce cost by increasing efficiencies—all while ensuring appropriate reimbursement. Listen to the on-demand, recorded webinar to understand how technology can help us all reach the ultimate goal of empowering physicians through knowledge sharing to drive quality and demonstrate value for their practices.


Dr. Keith Kaplan
Clinical & Anatomical Pathologist


Dr. David Frishberg
Vice Chair, Anatomic Pathology
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Webinar: Boost Your Lab's Revenue with an Effective TCPC Program

In this webinar XiFin experts host an information-packed webinar that explains how to drive new revenue and build stronger relationships with clients and partners with a TCPC program. Take advantage of your excess capacity and investment in equipment and lab personnel to drive incremental revenue. XiFin’s very own Joe Nollar and Conor Ward will show you how! This webinar will address best practices for setting up an effective TCPC program, including how TCPC programs derive both financial and relationship value for labs, what it takes to set up an effective TCPC program, and leveraging the LIS to streamline workflow.


Joe Nollar
VP, LIS Product Development, XiFin, Inc.


Conor Ward
Vice President, Sales, XiFin, Inc.