US hospitals face ongoing financial challenges, regulatory mandates, and patient care goals that dictate the need for a strong technological foundation. Solutions that drive efficiencies and deliver much-needed analytics are more critical than ever.

XIFIN Hospital Laboratory Solutions

XIFIN solutions for hospitals and outreach labs are uniquely capable of delivering the interoperability, connectivity, advanced workflow, and visibility needed in today's leading hospitals. XIFIN delivers measurable results, with improved cash collections, efficiency gains and compliance management capabilities that substantially improve the bottom line and mitigate risk. In addition, our revenue cycle management solution has the flexibility to let labs outsource billing and related services to our team of experts to achieve revenue gains as quickly as possible.


XIFIN RPM helps hospital outreach labs take control of their business by embracing comprehensive revenue cycle management with the option to outsource billing operations to get going quickly and optimize financial performance. If and when a lab wants to transition the expert services in-house, that’s easy to do with XIFIN.

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XIFIN LIS Anywhere

XIFIN LIS Anywhere leverages the cloud to optimize your laboratory operations, however complex the organizational structure. Handle multiple entities and locations with ease from within one system. Easily incorporate digital pathology into your workflow.

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Instantly and securely collaborate across campus or around the globe with XIFIN ProNet. Manage international consults from referral to payment, and support effective multidisciplinary team collaboration.

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On-Demand Webinar Focusing on Hospital Outreach Labs: Tips to Optimize Your Financial Performance

In a recent survey, we asked participants how confident they were in their organization's plan to offset upcoming revenue loss due to the recent changes in PAMA reimbursement rates.

Understanding and Addressing Revenue Cycle Management Challenges in Hospital Outreach Laboratories

Hospital outreach laboratories provides a crucial healthcare service to local communities by enabling physicians and healthcare organizations to offer vital diagnostic services on an outpatient basis.

XIFIN Next-Generation Revenue Cycle Management Helps Laboratories Thrive – Whether Managed In-House or with Outsourced

XIFIN is proud to announce the latest release of RPM designed to help laboratories succeed in today's challenging market

Featured Hospital Success Story

North Memorial Reference Laboratory successfully brought its billing in-house from an outsourced billing provider and in the process gained 30% year-over-year growth, heightened customer service, and improved staff morale. Watch the video to hear more about the laboratory’s impressive turnaround thanks to XIFIN hospital laboratory solutions.

"The data we get is sound, is valid. Actually, XIFIN is our source of truth. Even when Accounting or Finance questions volumes, we say, let's go to XIFIN— that's our source of truth."

Bobbi Kochevar 
Director of Diagnostic Therapy & Care Management
North Memorial Health

Built to Achieve Performance Optimization

With ongoing margin compression, hospital outreach laboratories need a platform that enables not just a smarter billing or laboratory information system, but a technological foundation that encompasses both clinical and financial aspects, and lets laboratories gain the visibility they need to take control of their business.

Focus on Your Business, Not Technology

Because XIFIN solutions are cloud-based, hospital laboratories no longer need to maintain the expensive IT hardware and software infrastructure necessary to run a secure, enterprise-class business. And because XIFIN is well-grounded in the laboratory space, our solutions are built to exacting healthcare and financial security and privacy standards.

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Optimize Your Business

XIFIN's extensive managed services shoulder the burden of keeping you up to date with everything from regulatory changes, to modifications to CPT codes and fluctuations in claim adjudication methods. We draw on our breadth of expertise and depth of research to understand the latest policies and incorporate them into our solutions, so that you can focus on optimizing your business. We also provide the flexibility for you to handle billing and other revenue cycle management activities in-house or by outsourcing to our team of experts.

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Business Intelligence

Healthcare data, particularly laboratory diagnostic and billing data, is especially complex and often difficult to interpret. We have applied our expertise in healthcare financial management to design a business intelligence data model to handle the volume and complexity of hospital laboratory information and that yields meaningful, useful results. Taking advantage of this robust information is critical to hospital laboratories’ success, as it is essential to understanding and improving clinical outcomes. It is also a critical component in demonstrating value in coordinated care and value-based pricing models.

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