Addressing the Radiology Industry Environment

XIFIN solutions address the environment radiology providers face today: unprecedented revenue compression, increased government scrutiny, and complex reimbursement and reporting requirements, and increased need for collaboration with other providers.

Radiology Business Solutions

Revenue Cycle Management

XIFIN RPM gives laboratories and radiology providers the ability to take control of their billing operations and financial performance.

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Healthcare Informatics

VisualStrata uniquely integrates and visualizes clinical, diagnostic, and financial data, enabling healthcare professionals to create shared data models, gain insights, make better decisions, improve outcomes, and create new revenue streams.

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Revenue Cycle Management for Radiology

XIFIN RPM offers all of the capabilities radiology providers need to shorten days to paid claims, reduce denials, and increase cash collections and staff productivity.

Improved Cash Collections

XIFIN clients have achieved up to a 20% improvement in their cash collections and have significantly reduced unpaid and underpaid claims.

Ensured Compliance

XIFIN proactively tracks, interprets, and implements payor and standards changes within the billing system and provides the ability to monitor and identify non-compliant activities.

Reduced Expenses

By streamlining and automating their billing process, our clients are able to eliminate billing IT infrastructure costs and maximize staff productivity.

Increased Financial Accuracy

XIFIN provides a suite of detailed operational performance metrics and financial reports that are in accordance with GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley guidelines.

Experience Hands-Free Billing

With hands-free billing from XIFIN, radiology providers automatically identify and resolve claim errors up-front to:

  • Increase the accuracy and timeliness of claims
  • Reduce the number of claims that require review
  • Decrease up-front denials
  • Accelerate the number of days to paid claim
  • Increase claims processing productivity

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Hands Free Billing to Automate the Submission of Clean Claims

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XIFIN Managed Services

XIFIN managed services do the heavy lifting of maintaining the XIFIN RPM technology infrastructure as well as the data logic and business rules to keep your billing system continuously up to date so that you can concentrate on optimizing your radiology business.

With its cloud-native technology platform, XIFIN RPM is ideally suited to the intense management required to keep the complex and continuously changing radiology billing process current, reliable, and timely. The failure of many billing operations can be traced back to inadequate management of data, connectivity, compliance rules, policies, and infrastructure – services that are seamlessly integrated throughout XIFIN RPM.

The extensive set of managed services that XIFIN performs on its clients’ behalf includes the ongoing maintenance of data logic (including ICD-10 and CPT codes, LCDs, NCDs, Medicare and Medicaid fee schedules, remittance advice and adjustment codes, OIG compliance logic, and more), and the daily processing and management of all online claim submissions. XIFIN takes a “100% reconciliation” approach to billing management and using sophisticated electronic surveillance methods, monitors all electronic submissions, acknowledgements, and remittance advice so that radiology providers have the necessary visibility to identify problems and rectify them quickly. XIFIN’s EDI department is the “first responder” for all rejected claim files. Our team works directly with health plans (payors) and clearinghouses to resolve all rejected claims.

XIFIN also assigns Client Success Managers who deliver unique services not found in any other billing solution. Working with your billing and management team, these experts ensure your workflow practices are optimized for maximum efficiency and revenue performance. They employ scorecards and benchmarks to assess a radiology provider’s performance, and lead periodic in-depth practice reviews designed to uncover opportunities for growth and process improvement as well as to ensure you are taking maximum advantage of XIFIN RPM.

As an extension of your own billing and IT staff, XIFIN’s dedicated staff works tirelessly on your behalf to ensure peak system performance, which in turn generates maximized clean claim submissions, and fastest collection of reimbursements.

XIFIN Business Intelligence

You cannot effectively manage what you cannot measure. XIFIN’s robust business intellligence application empowers radiology providers with insights into detailed financial and operational metrics and trends. XIFIN Business Intelligence provides the information necessary to improve decision-making, enhance payor contracting and account management, and pinpoint areas of opportunity or issues that need to be resolved to maximize revenue growth and cash flow.

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XIFIN iNet Web Services and Portals

Extend your capabilities for maximum impact

The information held within laboratory and radiology billing and information systems is incredibly useful and powerful XIFIN portals and web services help diagnostic service providers leverage these important assets and related system capabilities to their fullest.

XIFIN Portals

XIFIN portals improve efficiency by delivering functionality to constituents like patients and physician offices in an intuitive web interface.

XIFIN Web Services

XIFIN web services enable "digital conversations" with a two-way data exchange between systems in real time.

Business Is Better in the Cloud

Cloud-based technology is here to stay.

Learn why Black Book Market Research predicts "As the digital transformation of healthcare picks up in 2017, CIOs will be making the cloud the de facto model of new technology platforms and solutions."

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Radiology Industry Segments

XIFIN RPM: The Future of Radiology Revenue Management

The Best of Outsource Billing Functions and In-house Administration

Faced with challenges of unprecedented revenue compression, rising costs, increased government scrutiny, and complex reimbursement requirements, radiology providers need highly automated and optimized revenue cycle management systems that reflect all current standards, policies, and requirements. Being able to more deeply understand the finer points of the cost and revenue sides of your business enables you to identify and resolve an issue quickly and delivers on the radiology practice’s ever-present need for control and efficient workflow.

With a unique combination of cloud-based platform, expert managed services, best practices-based workflow automation, and timely business intelligence, XIFIN RPM for Radiology is a hybrid billing solution that fuses the best of outsource billing functions and in-house billing administration. Integrated radiology partner provides you control over policies and processing through automation, and freedom from IT hardware expenses, billing edits, and system maintenance.