The Next Evolution:

Cutting Edge Laboratory Information System
Capabilities for High Complexity Labs

Cutting Edge Laboratory Information System Capabilities for High Complexity Labs

AI for Digital Pathology  ●  Batch Processing, Resulting & Reporting  ●  Decision Support
Plate Mapping  ●  AI-driven Genomic Data Interpretation  ●  Prior Authorization

Introducing the award-winning XIFIN LIS, a fully scalable SaaS-based laboratory information system (LIS) that offers multi-specialty workflows including anatomic pathology, molecular testing, next-generation sequencing, and clinical trials through an integrated and interoperable platform. The next evolution of XIFIN LIS provides a comprehensive toolset including pathology artificial intelligence (A.I.), automated prior authorization, AI-driven genomic data analysis, digital pathology integration, secondary consultations, physician collaboration, test utilization decision support, and data aggregation and visualization.

XIFIN LIS helps laboratories create more value and better integrate with the broader healthcare ecosystem. It increases laboratory testing capacity, shortens turnaround time, creates new revenue opportunities, and makes it easier to connect to healthcare partners. XIFIN LIS delivers the data insight needed to support precision medicine programs through flexible and secure connectivity, highly configurable workflows, and cutting-edge capabilities that optimize high volume and high complexity testing labs. 

With XIFIN LIS 6 you get:

  • Highly configurable solution that delivers the flexibility you need
  • Modular approach that provides streamlined test specific workflows and automation
  • Specimen batch processing for accessioning, testing, results reviewing, and reporting
  • Seamlessly integrated well plate specimen mapping
  • Dynamic and comprehensive reports that drive client loyalty and engagement
  • Digital pathology integration, secondary consultations, and physician collaboration to improve patient outcomes
  • Operational visibility that helps you optimize lab productivity
  • Access from anywhere with internet service and always up to date
  • Interoperability that ensures seamless data exchange
  • Value add partnerships that allow integrated AI for laboratory efficiency using digital pathology, automated prior authorization, AI-driven genomic data analysis, and test utilization decision support
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"Admera choosing the XIFIN LIS platform to support our expansion of commercial lab operations was key to our success. Admera has one of the most comprehensive PGx, Oncology and Cardiovascular genomics product portfolios in the industry and we need a cloud-based LIS solution that connects and automates our next generation technology and bioinformatics platforms. With XIFIN LIS 6, we are providing our customers with tailored genomic reports that include genotype and phenotype information for patients furthering our commitment to improving the health and well-being of our global community through the direct delivery of personalized, medically actionable results."

Brady Millican
Chief Business Officer
Admera Health

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