Break Free from the Keyboard with Integrated
Dolbey Fusion Narrate
® Speech Recognition

Break Free From the Keyboard with Integrated Dolbey Fusion Narrate® Speech Recognition

Plus New Laboratory Information System Capabilities That Save Time and
Increase Throughput for High-Complexity, High-Volume Labs

Plus New Laboratory Information System Capabilities That Save Time and Increase Throughput for High-Complexity, High-Volume Labs

Introducing the latest release of award-winning XIFIN LIS, a scalable, SaaS-based laboratory information system (LIS) that offers multi-specialty workflows, including next-generation sequencing, and enables labs to perform testing in support of clinical trials through an integrated and interoperable platform. XIFIN LIS increases laboratory testing capacity and throughput, supports additional commercial lab revenue opportunities, shortens turnaround time, and makes it easier to connect to healthcare partners.

XIFIN has partnered with Dolbey & Company to integrate its Fusion Narrate® voice recognition software to speech enable XIFIN LIS. With Fusion Narrate, XIFIN LIS users can now break free from the keyboard and dictate case findings and other notes with a high degree of accuracy. Users in high-volume laboratories can now save additional time and further increase throughput. In addition to dictating important case notes, users can create custom voice commands to seamlessly navigate XIFIN LIS hands free.

XIFIN LIS 7 provides new capabilities for configurable data organization, aggregation and presentation to drive high throughput processing, including:

  • Configurable worklist filters enabling users to customize their data view and gain new levels of flexibility to organize and prioritize work.
  • New case status screens that provide a single 360-degree patient overview by aggregating all relevant patient data, including patient history associated with the case, and related documents. It also includes a breadcrumb map so users can easily see the progression of a sample through the lab and know exactly where it is in the workflow at any time. This new screen also allows users to quickly edit an accession, when needed.
  • New batch resulting screen with configurable data layouts allow users, particularly in high volume labs, to review batches of cases for sign-out in the exact test-specific data layout desired to improve speed of completion. This makes it even easier for users to manage by exception and confidently touch only those accessions that require further review, saving time and speeding the delivery of test results.
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"The combination of XIFIN LIS macros with integrated Dolbey Fusion Narrate voice commands has provided a means for me to produce diagnostic reports in an efficient manner with consistent formatting and terminology, free from typographical errors. All steps in the process, from assigning the responsible user to importing photographs, are automated and hands-free, leaving me time to continue reviewing slides while the LIS software builds my report."

Bryan Coffing, MD
Apex Pathology, PC


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