Accelerating Laboratory Digital Transformation

Now with more digital pathology options for a streamlined and flexible workflow

Plus New Laboratory Information System Capabilities That Save Time and Increase Throughput for High-Complexity, High-Volume Labs

Introducing the latest release of award-winning XIFIN LIS, a scalable, SaaS-based laboratory information system (LIS) that offers multi-specialty workflows, new interfacing tools, document storage and the ability to integrate digital pathology solutions. XIFIN LIS 8 delivers more scalability and interoperability and an optimized user experience, and demonstrates XIFIN’s continued investment in improving operational, clinical, and financial outcomes for diagnostic providers.

As COVID-19 swept across the U.S. over the past year, laboratories have faced extraordinary challenges standing up new tests and processing fluctuating testing volumes that for some labs peaked at over 700% of baseline volumes. According to a recent US Laboratory Satisfaction Survey conducted by XIFIN, 16% of respondents indicated their LIS doesn’t scale well and 32% indicate their LIS scales for near-term growth but has a ceiling.

Shifting consumer demands and COVID-drive needs have accelerated the adoption of digital pathology and telehealth — spotlighting the need for flexible SaaS solutions that can respond to dynamic shifts in how labs intake tests and process results. The need for increased testing capabilities, and the technology to support it, is becoming even more apparent with the prevalence of troubling COVID-19 variants.

XIFIN LIS 8 provides enhanced capabilities that help labs grow and adapt to recent and future needs, including:

  • Greater Scalability: Labs gain the system scalability needed to handle some of the largest lab volumes in the country (approximately 100,000 daily accessions per performing lab).
  • Integrated Digital Pathology: The new XIFIN LIS 8 software is designed to fully integrate with the Concentriq® digital pathology platform from Proscia® and the latest Leica GT450 platform, providing pathologists with a streamlined, flexible workflow.
  • Improved Connectivity: Enhancements include support for clinical trials through automated testing output for third-party consumption, as well as improved document management via integration with XIFIN’s DocStore document management functionality.
  • Additional Configurability: XIFIN LIS 8 offers new worklist configuration options so users can set up worklist views by laboratory, job role, or individual. With these tools users can create unlimited worklist data filters to view the lab data as they wish. The system also allows clients to configure their own CSV result interfaces, reducing interface development turn-around-times.
  • Optimized User Experience: With redesigned case status screens, users can now see all relevant case information in one spot - including client, patient and order information, concurrent cases, historic cases, billing information, case audit trails, tags, and workflow.
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"With XIFIN’s LIS offerings we will be able to scale our operations for future growth and integrate our lab information with our TissueCypher® computational pathology workflow, creating a complete end-to-end solution. By implementing the Concentriq® digital pathology platform from Proscia and integrating it with the XIFIN lab information system, we will be able to rapidly scale our precision medicine business model and accelerate adoption of the TissueCypher Barrett's Esophagus Assay, the world's first precision medicine test to predict the risk of future development of esophageal cancer in patients with Barrett's esophagus. The innovative end-to-end solution from XIFIN and Proscia will also streamline collaboration amongst our multidisciplinary team of cancer biologists, artificial intelligence scientists, and pathologists to accelerate the development of the novel AI-driven precision medicine solutions in our pipeline."

Dr. Rebecca Critchley-Thorne
Co-founder and CSO
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