Machine Learning Capabilities and Next-Generation Business Intelligence Options Make the Most Advanced Revenue Cycle Management Solution Even Better.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Business Intelligence

XIFIN Revenue Performance Management (RPM) 10 enhances XIFIN’s market-leadership over diagnostic billing solutions for both in-house and outsource clients. By incorporating machine learning capabilities into XIFIN RPM 10 and providing next generation business intelligence options, we are making the leading diagnostic revenue cycle management (RCM) solution even better.  

Plus, this feature-packed version includes an improved user interface, additional client specific configuration flexibility, automated and integrated data quality automation coordinated with patient and client correspondence, as well as multiple laboratory consolidation options and enhanced patient and physician portals. All designed to help diagnostic organizations automate their workflows to maximize cash collection, reduce clerical errors, decrease denials, improve appeals success, and enhance patient and physician engagement.

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XIFIN RPM 10 provides:

Machine Learning & Premium Business Intelligence

Premium Business Intelligence with the power of machine learning unlocks this data, makes sense of it, and yields meaningful and actionable financial and clinical insights. Next-generation business intelligence and analytics including subject-oriented analytical data sets, federated data options, data exportation, and data visualization capabilities.

Expanded Web Services

Expanded web service capabilities to further facilitate integration and interoperability with other lab or hospital systems

Client-Specific Configuration

Additional client specific configuration such as the ability to include questions unique to individual customers within the workflow

Enhanced Insurance Discovery Automation

Enhanced patient demographic and insurance discovery automation that is Integrated with patient and client correspondence workflows will help maximize cash collections, find and fix inaccurate patient data faster, which improves both the client and patient experience

Hybrid Billing Options

Hybrid billing options provide you with flexibility to gain greater control over and visibility into your financial operations, as well as optimize revenue and maximize cash collections, even as you outsource all or part of your billing operation

New Multi-location Capabilities

Multiple new capabilities that support diagnostic provider acquisition needs that enable consolidated or facility-specific
  • Bank IDs
  • Payment gateways
  • Patient notification letters configuration by payor ID, payor group, client ID, client account, ordering taxonomy, test ID, test type, or primary facility.

Enhanced Patient & Physician Engagement

Enhanced patient and physician engagement through new portal capabilities including patient pre-payment capabilities and patient responsibility estimator

Best-in-Class Security

Industry’s best-in-class secure, high-availability environment supports your business continuity planning and helps keep your business protected

"The use of a next-generation data visualization and analytics tool in the revenue cycle process has dramatically improved our ability to not only analyze our data but more importantly, develop actionable plans to improve collections, make decisions on our test menu, and understand payor specific claim responses. Moreover, by using the data from the XIFIN RPM platform and layering on the visualization and analytics capability, we have been able to eliminate the need to run multiple reports and attempt to aggregate data from disparate systems and now are able to quickly use one simple view to make decisions across several key areas of our business."

Dominic Weilbaecher
VP, Reimbursement & Revenue Cycle, Pathnostics


XIFIN is a healthcare information technology company that leverages diagnostic information to improve the quality and economics of healthcare. The company’s cloud-based technology facilitates connectivity and workflow automation for accessing and sharing clinical and financial diagnostic data, linking healthcare stakeholders in the delivery and reimbursement of care.


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