Transformative Revenue Cycle Management for the New Decade

Providing robust workflow automation and error correction to improve clean claims rates and reimbursement. Plus, new AI and analytics solutions.

XIFIN RPM is a comprehensive accounts receivable and financial management solution that transforms the way you manage your lab’s revenue by addressing the problems that undermine the effectiveness and efficiency of your revenue cycle management (RCM) process.

Are you struggling with claims that have missing or incorrect information? Can’t keep up with changing payor requirements resulting in denials? Manually working denials and challenged with managing the additional documentation requested by payors? Not sure which part of your account receivables you should work on next? XIFIN can help.

The SaaS-based XIFIN RPM platform maximizes reimbursements and cash collections through integrated capabilities that include robust workflow automation, business intelligence (BI), managed services, and portals, as well as advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) options.

The latest release, XIFIN RPM 11, helps further optimize cash collections and reduce costs through real-time connectivity and error correction, workflow automation for denials and appeals management, patient payment collection, and physician self-service enhancements. AI and advanced analytics solutions include specialized data models, consultative or topic-specific visual analytics, as well as AI capabilities that can spotlight profitability, reimbursement, and efficacy opportunities.

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The Newest XIFIN RPM Capabilities

Real-time connectivity and error correction improve clean claims

  • Payor and CPT code-driven exception processing allow front-end edits before final reporting and back-end edits
  • Bi-directional error identification and correction with laboratory information systems
  • Integrated insurance discovery workflow

Payment collections integrated with RCM process

  • Patient notification letters configurable (by facility, test, and payor)
  • Patient estimates that can be saved for future reference
  • Interactive statements
  • Payment management capabilities including receipts, payment plan options, and automated outbound calls and texts

Robust workflow automation and visibility reduce costs

  • Robust configuration with reason code overrides (by payor, payor plan. procedure code, and client)
  • Appeal specific exception visibility, and automation, including payor specific forms, and letter generation
  • Document storage for supporting documentation and matching and attaching to appropriate claims
  • Ability to generate real-time and batch claim status requests
  • Service-level prior authorization (PA) configuration, and PA form attachment

Self-service portals improve customer experience

  • Patient responsibility estimation reduces surprise billing
  • Insurance eligibility and updates
  • Pre-payments capabilities
  • Payment and billing preferences (including paper invoice suppression) and supporting documentation submission

Flexible RCM Models

Whether you outsource your lab or remote patient monitoring device billing and financial management to XIFIN, or your team uses XIFIN RPM to manage your revenue cycle process, XIFIN provides the flexibility needed now and in the future.

Advanced Options Include:

AI Solutions

XIFIN’s AI-enabled analytics solutions uncover insights that can inform both diagnostic billing workflows as well as business forecasts. Insights could suggest changes to workflow configuration that prioritize effectiveness, not just productivity. Financial forecasting can improve with the ability to determine reimbursement likelihood on near-term outstanding accounts receivable.

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"XIFIN differentiates its RCM through a robust set of capabilities that include data integrity, machine learning, client and patient engagement tools, next-generation business analytics and data visualization options, automated billing and accounts receivable workflows, a web-native platform, HIPAA-compliant environment, interoperability with most external vendor systems and supported by a full set of managed services."

Mutaz O. Shegewi
Research Director, Provider IT Transformation Strategies
IDC Health Insights

Advanced Analytics Solutions

As part of XIFIN RPM, every customer gains access to XIFIN BI – an enterprise-grade data warehouse and reporting solution. Now customers can choose additional business intelligence options, including consultative or subject-specific analytics and visualizations based on high-quality and specialized data models with referential integrity. Whether you are looking for analytics by payor, client, procedure, denial code, or key performance indicators such as throughput, write-offs, clean claim rate, or paid units, we have you covered.

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"XIFIN’s new business intelligence (BI) options are the next generation of analytics for revenue cycle management in the laboratory industry. The XIFIN team has taken their years of experience and expertise in the industry and designed and built advanced analytic visualizations using Tableau software that allows users to quickly and easily understand the insights with very little training or reporting experience. The Tableau workbooks have a reporting structure that can be summarized; is flexible; and easily adaptable. We now have more insight into the key drivers of our business. The executive-level dashboards and KPIs offer what can be considered “pull and present” options, eliminating the need to spend hours pulling separate reports and then rolling data up into presentations. As Cordant Health Solutions is a highly focused data solutions company having a partner who understands the importance of strong, empirical data like XIFIN is a key to our success."

Christohper Watts
Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management
Cordant Health Solutions

XIFIN is a healthcare information technology company that leverages information to improve the quality and economics of healthcare. The company’s cloud-based technology facilitates connectivity and workflow automation for accessing and sharing clinical and financial diagnostic data, linking healthcare stakeholders in the delivery and reimbursement of care.

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