Laboratory Support & Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Outsourcing

September 19, 2019: Black Book Research Ranks XIFIN as the Leader in Laboratory Support & RCM
According to the latest survey on healthcare outsourcing conducted by Black Book Market Research LLC, 90% of hospital leaders are continuing to evaluate whether to work with third-party vendors for cost-efficiencies in both clinical and nonclinical functions and allowing hospitals to focus on value-based programming. A supplemental poll of vendor executives last month showed an average three-fold increase in requests for outsourcing proposals since Q4 2017 among select functions. As part of the research, Black Book also surveyed more than 4,000 client users on customer satisfaction and experience in several functional areas, and ranked XIFIN as the leader for Laboratory Support and RCM.

XIFIN has more than 20 years’ experience partnering with laboratories, pathology practices, and remote patient monitoring companies to optimize their billing and overall revenue cycle management. We offer unrivaled flexibility by allowing you to engage us in a way that is suited to your needs, whether it be in-house billing, outsourced to our internal operations, or a hybrid of both.

With our unique model, XIFIN can help design a solution that fits your company’s needs today and provides the flexibility necessary to adapt to your future needs.

Whether you’re a start-up medical device company, a fast-growing molecular diagnostic provider, or an established hospital ancillary laboratory or pathology practice we have an RCM solution that can adapt to your business. For some, that means beginning with fully outsourced billing services and transitioning later to in-house billing once the team and the processes to handle these critical functions are in place. For others who have been handling billing services in-house for years, they may choose to outsource their billing so that they have more flexibility in managing staffing and other related expenses. Either way, XIFIN can fit your needs now and in the future. 

Our revenue cycle solution, XIFIN RPM ensures our clients have complete visibility at all times. XIFIN clients can access the RPM platform to view, in real time, all claims that are being held for billing due to missing/incorrect information, rejections, denials, and appeals. With XIFIN there are no “black box” operations, both our team and yours can monitor workflow and progress so that no claim ever falls through the cracks. Regardless of the billing option you choose, you can count on higher performance and increased revenue and profit.


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2019 Top Laboratory Support and RCM Outsourcing*

2. Quadax

3. Optum

4. Laboratory Billing Solutions

5. LabRCM

6. Mediar

7. Constellation Healthcare


9. Invensis

10. Bikham

*Black Book Market Research LLC Press release (Sept. 19, 2019):
Pressures of Value-Based Care Reforms Trigger Sharp Increase in Clinical Outsourcing Partnerships, Black Book Survey Results

No.1 Client Rated XIFIN Laboratory Support Services

No.1 Client Rated XIFIN RCM Solutions Diagnostic Providers

No.1 Client Rated XIFIN Precision Medicine Informatics

No. 1 Client Rated XIFIN Laboratory Information Systems

We signed the contract with XIFIN in spring 2018, and…taking into account decreased payments as a result of PAMA, we have estimated an increase of about 15% in collections from our prior system.

Mona Dinnauer

Laboratory Director - Outreach Services MercyOne Des Moines Laboratory

Flexibly Outsource All or Part of Your RCM Process

With XIFIN, you choose whether the best option for your organization is outsourcing your RCM operations, conducting these activities in-house with your own staff, or a custom combination of these two approaches. Plus, as your business needs change, you can easily transition between the models.

XIFIN Revenue Cycle Outsourcing Solutions: Measurable Results


21% Average Improvement in Cash Collections for Outsource Clients Submitting over $9B in Annual Claims


10.5% average increase in revenue in the first year after transition when transitioning from other outsourced billing providers


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