Find & Fix Data Quality Issues Faster While Collecting More Revenue

We know that one of the most challenging obstacles to healthcare facilities and independent labs getting paid for their services is a lack of accurate patient data. That's why XiFin RPM integrates automated demographic and insurance discovery capabilities to help find and fix inaccurate patient data faster and easier. With this powerful solution, you will experience:

  • Improved revenue from insurance and patient payments
  • Less time spent tracking down missing patient information
  • Decreased error processing rates and rework
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased claim processing speed
  • Improved patient billing experience

FrontRunnerHC's PatientRemedi insurance discovery application is integrated with XiFin RPM, delivering valid insurance coverage information for your patients and reducing the staffing expenses associated with discovery, seamlessly and automatically within the award-winning revenue cycle management solution.

This partnership incorporated PatientRemedi's sophisticated data mining and analytics into XiFin RPM. The result is a higher impact reimbursement solution that automatically identifies and fixes data errors for healthcare facilities and laboratory customers. With XiFin RPM and PatientRemedi's insurance discovery capabilities working as one, you can locate active insurance coverage, increase clean claim rates, and generate more revenue—all while reducing accounts receivable and rework costs. And with accurate and timely billing, you can help improve your patients' and referring physician billing experience.

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Accurate Patient Data Means More Revenue & Less Cost

Proven Results

During Q1 and Q2 2018, XiFin processed $200M in charges through the integrated and automated demographic and insurance discovery workflow within XiFin RPM, resulting in the following improvements:

Seamless Integration & Powerful Capabilities

Automatic RCM Integration

PatientRemedi available via XiFin RPM

Automatic Insurance Discovery

Searches multiple databases for coverage

Identify Data Errors

Finds demographic and coverage inaccuracies

Input Correct Information

Information can be corrected and updated automatically


Due to the unique nature of Cordant’s business, they have a significant number of “self-pay” patients. Many of these patients actually have insurance coverage that could be billed for their services, but in some cases the patients are in treatment for substance use disorder. As a result, gathering eligibility and insurance coverage information for these patients can be very labor-intensive and remain unsuccessful.

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Sonora Quest Laboratories was using all of the traditional methods to capture and validate insurance eligibility and coverage information to maximize the opportunity to receive full reimbursement for its services. However, cases were still being encountered that lacked enough valid information to fill in the missing gaps and gather complete insurance coverage data.

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See it in Action

We help optimize your revenue cycle management processes by finding and fixing data quality issues faster, and by helping you reduce operating expenses and generate more revenue.


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