Conclusions From NGS Survey

William Blair conducted a survey in collaboration with The Dark Report (a clinical lab news magazine and intelligence source) and XIFIN (a healthcare information technology company) to better understand next-generation-sequencing trends in the clinical lab space.

William Blair Report: NGS Survey - Now Available

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  • Reimbursement expectations across payer categories
  • Expectations for revenue growth opportunities
  • Potential partnerships
  • Plans for added tests, changes in NGS panel menu
  • Instrumentation and platform investment, purchase plans

About the Study


In total, the study is based on 186 individual survey respondents who represent the following industry segments:


Independent Laboratories


Hospital/Health Systems


Academic Centers


Physician Offices


Tertiary Care Centers


When asking respondents to comment on the future of the lab industry, it was somewhat of a tale of two cities, with smaller labs finding it harder to compete under the new PAMA environment. Many relayed plans to increase investment in next-generation sequencing (NGS) instrumentation/ consumables (with particular interest in companion diagnostic/liquid biopsy-based methodologies); however, this continues to be more opportunistic with the hope that reimbursement ultimately follows. M&A was also a consistent theme, in terms of both the impact of health system mergers (which could result in more insourcing) and expectations for continued consolidation in the genomics lab arena. Reimbursement and the potential for increased denials continue to be cited as the key risks, although we sense slightly more optimism after the finalization of the Medicare national coverage determination (NCD).

''The key standouts in terms of drivers of growth were diagnostics and liquid biopsy, which is probably not a surprise to many people. What stood out as interesting when we broke this down by lab type, hospitals – we’re definitely citing increased complexity of sequencing based tests as a driver. ''

Amanda Murphy, CFA

William Blair


William Blair, The Dark Report and XIFIN on NGS Survey Results

Listen to this recording to hear the results of a survey along with analysis and key takeaways that William Blair conducted in collaboration with the Dark Report and XIFIN to better understand next-generation sequencing trends in the clinical lab space.


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