Webinar: Medicare’s PAMA-Based CLFS Payment Impact: Strategic Options to Protect Revenue

Webinar Recording

Virtually every payor category and laboratory is affected by Medicare's new PAMA-based pricing—including large and small independent labs, hospital outreach, and physician office laboratories. Arm yourself now with critical information on the current CLFS's impact to your lab; potential disruptors; and what actions to take to protect revenue and maximize reimbursement.

Here are just some of the topics covered during this 40-minute session:

  • Identify which labs are the biggest winners & losers under Medicare’s revised CLFS
  • Actions to take to protect revenue and mitigate reimbursement cuts
  • Obtain insight on contractual process reviews and reimbursement due diligence that are critical to manage the financial health of labs
  • Learn how disruptive the ACLA lawsuit seeking that HHS publish a new rule that includes pricing data from all segments of the lab industry might be
  • What you need to know for the next PAMA data collection period and how to avoid compliance problems

Featured XIFIN Speaker

Lâle White
Executive Chairman & CEO

This webinar provides invaluable insight into how the new pricing affects your laboratory, what's coming around the bend, and what you can do to mitigate the impact. Lâle White, one of the industry's thought leaders, discusses the most crucial issues and challenges facing the industry under Medicare’s market-based payment system.


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Medicare’s PAMA-Based CLFS Payment Impact