Test-to-Treat Pharmacy Roundtable, from RCM to Vital Partnerships to Operationalization

COVID-19 Test-to-Treat for pharmacy is finally here; how do you get your pharmacy to execute a successful test and treat program? In this webinar, we’ll sit down at the round table with three subject matter experts, David Pope, PharmD, CDE, Shelley Hansell, and Harley Ross to discuss the implications, requirements, and partnerships needed to successfully execute Test-to-Treat in the pharmacy environment.

What we’ll cover:

  • What does the FDA rule reversal mean?
  • The depth of the protocols required by the FDA
  • The partnerships needed for success such as lab and patient primary care providers
  • The steps needed to operationalize Test-to-Treat immediately
  • How to generalize test and treat for the future

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XIFIN Speakers

Harley Ross
Chief Commercial Officer, XIFIN, Inc.

Harley Ross holds a cross-functional strategic role working with the executive leadership team to oversee XIFIN’s efforts associated with go-to-market strategy for new and existing markets as well as strategic product integration initiatives.

David Pope
Chief Pharmacy Officer, OmniSYS

As Chief Pharmacy Officer, David drives the company’s innovation and product portfolio strategy. He is a nationally-recognized expert in medical informatics and clinical services in the pharmacy space. He has served as an advisor for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and multiple Fortune 500 healthcare-related organizations.

Shelley Hansell

EVP, Client Relations & RCM Product Management, OmniSYS

With nearly 20 years of domain experience, Shelley is well respected in the pharmacy industry for her revenue cycle management expertise as well as her ability to drive operational improvements aligned with medical billing policies.

John Kenlon
Senior VP, Publisher Drug Store News


Harley Ross

David Pope, Shelley Hansell, and John Kenlon