Webinar: Deep Medicare Fee Cuts Are Coming to your Clinical Laboratory in 157 Days

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View this webinar by Dark Daily, featuring XIFIN’s Executive Chairman & CEO, Lale White. On January 1, 2018, the Medicare program starts to pay less—much less—to your medical laboratory for your highest-volume, most-automated lab tests than what you are paid today. Experts say these price cuts to the Medicare Part B Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule (CLFS) will be the single most disruptive financial event to our industry in three decades.

Less than 157 days remain before your lab will begin to see the financial impact from these deep Medicare fee cuts. To help you and your lab management team respond in a timely way to this threat, Dark Daily hosted a webinar entitled, "Deep Medicare Fee Cuts Are Coming to your Clinical Laboratory in 157 Days:  What You Must Do Now, Why Congress Might Intervene, and Action Steps to Protect Your Lab’s Financial Integrity." This webinar features Lale White, XIFIN’s Executive Chairman & CEO, providing you with an insider’s perspective on the essential market intelligence and knowledge you need to respond to the loss of important revenue that your lab will experience as of January 1.

Featured XIFIN Speaker

Lâle White
Executive Chairman & CEO

No less than a "must view" session for all hospital and health system laboratory administrators who have significant clinical laboratory outreach programs, the webinar is also essential knowledge for executives at independent lab companies where Medicare payments are a major source of revenue and thus the need to maintain the financial solvency of their lab organizations is paramount.

This webinar will teach you how to:

  • Understand precisely what the language of the CMS PAMA final rule allows the federal agency to do to cut Part B clinical lab test fees
  • Identify useful steps your lab can take now to offset the negative revenue impact from the Part B lab fee cuts that happen on January 1
  • Assess how XIFIN’s private payer weighed average prices for the top 20 lab tests compare to your lab’s current Medicare payments for those tests
  • Prepare for the specific risks your lab faces if Medicare auditors show up to review the private payer price data that you submitted
  • Grasp what elements of the PAMA final rule are harmful to the clinical lab industry and how your lab should respond to these threats
  • Discover the specific elements of the CMS final rule that critics say may violate the PAMA statute as passed by Congress
  • Begin the action steps your lab team can take now to financially prepare your lab to absorb the coming loss in Medicare revenue
  • Review how the Clinical Laboratory Coalition is educating members of Congress about the harmful consequences of the CMS final rule
  • Learn the latest developments in meetings between CMS officials and clinical lab leaders to seek delay and reforms to the final reporting rule

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Dark Daily Webinar

Lâle White

Julie Scott Allen, Senior Vice President, District Policy Group, Representing the National Independent Laboratory Association, Washington, D.C.


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